>“What would your profession be if you didn’t need money?”


I love this question! It came to me by way of  The Daily Post a blog that I subscribe to.

If I was to wave a magic wand and I didn’t need the money, I would be working as:

Owner of Lexa’s Place.  Lexa’s place is a community for homeless teenage girls. A community where you and I would feel very comfortable to eat, sleep, bathe, and rejuvenate. Visualize a warm and nurturing environment where young ladies receive individual and group counseling, treatment for substance abuse, medical assistance, mentors, life skills training, family planning, educational support and guidance and more. The community in which Lexa’s place sits in a quiet suburban community nestled deep in the woods and a great distance from the rut and temptation of city life. A large part of my day is spent managing, advocating, and working to improve and change the course of the lives of the residents in the program.

A Personal Fitness Trainer working with obese children and their families. I am a fitness enthusiast.         Truthfully, I’m an exercise junky. I’m addicted to the euphoric feeling of the runners high. 

It’s unsettling for me to see young children learn unhealthy eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles. When I see obese kids, especially the young ones, I want to grab the parents and quite frankly ask, “What the hell are you doing to your kid?” “Setting them up for major health issues, low self-esteem, teasing and bulling in school, discrimination and more!” “Stop! There’s a better way!” Of course, I know that if I took that approach, at the least, I’d get cussed out, but you get the picture. To adapt a healthy life style, one must educate themselves on exactly what a “healthy lifestyle” means, then the person must make a conscience choice to slowly make the change. I’d love to help the little ones and their parents do this.

Lastly, a Writer.  More specifically, a writer, generating income, writing for my favorite magazines and a few other topics.  I know, money is not suppose to be part of the equation, but realistically, I need to fund my other projects and pay for a second home in the islands.  So somewhere along the line the need to make money will factor in. A percentage of my income will come from writing.

I answered the question very easily because I’ve asked myself the same question many times. Consequently, I am working on all three projects and have no doubt that each will occur in the right season and at the right time. Meanwhile, I continue to move forward… steady and slow, knowing that I will be ready when each opportunity presents itself.

I strongly believe that, with the exception of a few professions, the idea of a lifetime career is nonexistent.  With so many career options and possibilities, no one should be stuck in an unsatisfying career.  Although change does not occur overnight, it is also true that change cannot take place without some effort on our part.  It’s easy to talk about what we want to do with our lives in the future, but it takes hard work, sacrifice, and commitment to make our dreams come true.

How about you? “What would your profession be if you didn’t need money?” I would love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “>“What would your profession be if you didn’t need money?”

  1. >I'd start a hospital for patients who have NO INSURANCE and they would receive the same care as someone who society depicts as wealthy. Have always said, just because you're poor doesn't mean you should die.

  2. >Right. A persons financial status in life should have no bearing on the quality of health care received. I'm sure that your hospital would be the most caring and most loving facility around.

  3. >I am glad i followed your comment on another blog Tanya.It´s a great question. Isn’t it? Sort of, just throws you into Disneyland of your dreams.First of all, I won´t need to have a “profession” if I didn’t need money. But the question means what would I do if I didn’t have to earn money. Right?Well, I have had it very clear for quite some time now what i wanted to do once i no more needed to earn a living ( I won´t say money because I believe one can live without money if there was a way of earning a living without it). I would, of course, travel more, write more and share more. Almost what I am already doing now but at a much greater scale and with much more freedom. I would also like to set up (or if there was one already, I would simply join it) a Commune – a place where people can learn meditation and live in peace and harmony. I would set it up somewhere in Latin America. No profit motive (remember i wont need to earn money any more?), just pure service to people. Thank you so much for asking this question as it makes us all to think what the need to earn money is keeping us from. Perhaps, what would enrich our lives more is not the money but to be able to not needing it. But that again presumes you have money! I think I´ve got myself entangled badly here. Got to go. Loved your blog. Shall keep paying my visits. I am a faithful customer. Peace to you,SamyakJayaThoughtTavern

  4. >Hi SamyakJaya! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the compliment.Aaah Yes. "Service to people" is rewarding and no amounts of money can replace the feeling of helping others. I think the need and the emphasis on "making money" can be a distraction and a diversion from discovering our true purpose in life. Let me know when you find or establish your Commune- sounds like a great place to live.Tanya

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