Press On

A year and a half ago, I never imagined my scrawny little back was capable of developing into this!

But with consistency, discipline, good nutrition, hard work in the gym, and help from a friend, I am amazed at the results.

Whatever your dreams, press on and please don’t give up. Remain steady, push beyond your comfort zone and you will sorely surpass your goals beyond your wildest dreams. ¬†ūüôā

Sweet dreams!

The Answer Is Yes!

Found on

Found on

“Are you going to be able to walk tomorrow?” I haven’t seen a back workout like that!!!”

“Who me?”


“Well Umm.. I’ve got a strong back….”

Oh my gosh!! I am crackin up now. Lol!!

Unbeknownst to me, this guy (well constructed I must say) was watching me workout. Following the principle of switching things up, I did a workout that I found here.

I was focusing just like AR taught me… Mind body connection and zeroing in on the working muscle.

When this guy approached, he totally caught me by surprise. He was respectful, unlike some guys, who don’t know what to say to women and make ridiculous comments that make you really wanna slap the ish out of them. Lol!

This was the first time I combined back and biceps, but I enjoyed the workout.

Vanessa Tib's Workout

Vanessa Tib’s Workout

¬†This “sample workout” was a challenge but I felt great doing it. ¬†I am so happy Vanessa Tib Fitness¬†shares her workouts with the rest of us!
#100HappyDaysChallenge #Day 6

Oh, and yes, I will be able to walk tomorrow.  Haahaaahaa!


B’Dazzle at a raceway with a friend (yesterday). ¬†He had a blast! #100HappyDaysChallenge Day#5

It is a gorgeous day out; I hope you are enjoying the day! ¬†ūüôā

Small Things Matter Too!

Hubbie and I were on the road for most of today and arrived home just in time to take B’Dazzle to football practice.

While I did not make it to the gym today, I am super excited and happy about my post workout vibes (soreness) from Monday and Tuesday!

Ha! Ha! Who is happy about being sore? Me and other gym junkies! Feeling the “growing pains” means that I worked the muscles well and pushed to failure. My little guns won’t grow unless I push hard.

So what put a big cheesy smile on my face today?


My rear profile! This guy stopped me in the gym yesterday and told me that my back was “Sick as F***!”¬† OMG! Yes, that was a compliment. ¬†Lol!!


The definition in my triceps! #100HappyDays Day #2

My triceps are so sore! When I workout with my friend AR, sore muscles are guaranteed, however, working alone is more challenging. Although my journey began almost a year ago, I have only been weight training solo for three months.

Most days she is not with me in the gym, so my focus is on technique, on form, getting the movement right, and performing each exercise to failure. Then, eat, rest, and repeat the next day.

Sometimes it is the little things that bring about the most joy. Happiness doesn’t require large amounts of money, or other expensive tangibles. ¬†I think it’s simple.

Look for the small moments in each day that make you smile from ear to ear and that is where you’ll find a piece of happiness. :0)

Sore triceps and achy abs means I did ay-ok, so this chica is HAPPY!

I hope you had a great day!  :0)

Training Progress Report

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”

-Jim Rohn

Back in September I decided to compete in my first figure competition. While the event is five (5) months away, I am working very hard in the gym to prepare because May will be here soon.

Throughout the summer, I did CrossFit nearly five days per week.  Lol!  My intense summer training was helpful, but my current training regimen is on a totally different level.

The training differs from CrossFit in that more specific muscles are targeted during each workout. ¬†By the end of my workouts, parts of my body feel like rubber bands. ¬†To be perfectly honest with you, some nights I lay in the bed with extreme achy muscles. ¬†The “no pain no gain” Mantua holds true to body building.

I am excited though, because I am experiencing progress.  My muscles are growing and so is my strength.   With the help of my friend/trainer, one day I leg pressed 360 pounds, not including the machine.  Yikes!!!  It truly is amazing what the mind can do with a little persuasion. Had she not added the weight, I would have never attempted it.

While I’m working in the gym, I feel more challenged with eating enough food. ¬†Seriously, I’m not a big eater, so I tell myself to eat regularly. ¬†Some times I unwillingly chew on my chicken breast, wishing someone could chew it for me. ¬†I know–that sounds nasty, I’m just saying-

I had reservations about posting pictures.  Why?  Because they are up close and personal.     It probably sounds crazy from someone who stays on Instagram.  These pics are much more revealing, but it is the only way for you to see my progress.  So, here it goes.

The first picture it what I pretty much look like when I walk in house at the end of the day.   Carrying several bags, my lunch bag, and other essentials.  During the week, I workout after work, which requires a great deal of discipline on my part. Ugh!!!   I like to workout in the morning.


This “before” picture was taken in early October after a workout.Take early October after a workout.



My abs are slowly coming along, but I still have A LOT of work to do.










My back muscles are developing nicely. ¬†I’m so excited to see my progress. ¬†The more I see my body change, the more pumped I become!

With the New Year being only three (3) days away, I encourage you to think about challenging yourself in 2014. ¬†Step outside of your comfort zone and do something you have not done before. ¬†I’m not big on New Year resolutions, but I do make it a practice to accomplish or at least attempt to accomplish something new each year. ¬†I hope you give it some thought for the New Year.

Keep it moving in 2014!