Are You Still Thankful?

Happy Post-Thanksgiving!

I am up early this Black Friday morning. Hubby left for work and B’Dazzle has 10 o’clock football practice.

One place you won’t find me today is engaging in the BF frenzy. I’m sipping on my java watching GMA (Good Morning America). Grown behind men are throwing themselves on to boxes of TV’s. Why? Some folks have lost their minds!

Another image shows a poppy-eyed suspect in the back of a police car… then there’s a blurb of a witness talking about the girl who punched a guy in the face over a Barbie. Why?

Seriously, I just don’t get it.

In 24 hours, folks go from being oh so “thankful” on Thanksgiving Day to out-and-out Greed the very next day. What the heck?

TV’s are a dime a dozen– always on sale somewhere. The retail industry is more competitive than ever, so with Wi-Fi and a little patience, you can find a great price on whatever you want or need.

When our 25 year-old daughter was little, on Black Friday, hubby and I would hit the stores before sunrise to get whatever the hot item was. But still, we didn’t fight over stuff; that’s just silly.

These days, I’m all about the simple life, with absolutely no interest in crowds, lines, traffic, and chaos.

Our extended family usually does huge gift exchanges. This year, I am putting them on notice, to give to a charity as an alternative to giving me a gift that I don’t want or need.

I am still in the mode of gratitude. I am thankful for the love, warmth, and support from my family, extended family, and friends. My life is wonderful and I don’t take it for granted. I am wealthy in health, spirit, and attitude.

Yesterday was relaxing. Our family shared good ole fashion soul food—I still cooked some clean eating food for me too. Lol!


My pooch Alex.  I can’t believe he sat still for a pic!

family pic

My peeps!


Thanksgiving isn’t the same without football

me and curt

According to my daughter, we’re the “coolest 40 something’s” around. 🙂

Today’s agenda? Football practice, the gym, and begin the holiday house decorations.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday and if you’re going shopping, be safe!

Happy Friday! 🙂