When Procrastination Is Good

If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track
that has been there all the while waiting for you,
and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living.
When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in
the field ofyour bliss, and they open the doors to you.  I say,
follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open
where you didn’t know they were going to be.
If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn’t
have opened for anyone else.

-Joseph Campbell

I assessed the pros and cons of my decision.  Before making the critical determination, I carefully scrutinized the advantages, the disadvantages, the expected and unexpected, and everything in between.  I made a choice, but emotionally my heart uttered that I was mistaken.

The tug of war between logic and emotion is a compelling and dynamic relationship.  Logic has its validity but so does emotion.  Sometimes I think feelings are underrated. Some research suggests that “individuals who experienced more intense feelings achieved higher decision-making performance.”  Hmm..

You’re probably wondering what I’m rambling about and where am I going with this.

Whelp, I’ll tell you exactly what this post is all about…  My chatter is about grad school.  To take the next class or not.

The last semester was no doubt the most challenging ever. Working full-time, caring for the home, partaking in our son’s activities, and being present in our marriage was laborious.

During the eight-week course, I second-guessed myself daily.  Self-sabotage!!   Did I belong in the class? Did I have what it took to pass the class?  Was I smart enough? Suffocating in doubt and uncertainty, I agonized but pushed through it.  The final exam was the breaking point.  I thought… no, I knew for certain that I’d bomb the course, but I did not. I received a 90 on my final and passed the course with a B-.  Whew!!

In the fall, I registered for the Spring 2017 semester but later realized that due to unexpected events, I should probably drop the course(s) until summer ’17.  I was trying to think realistically about handling a heavy workload.

I prolonged dropping the course until the final day of drop/add. Who’d believe that procrastination can be good?

On the final day to drop without a financial obligation, I logged in to my school’s site, pulled up the classes, placed an “X” in the boxes, and reached to set my pinky on the enter button and froze.

I couldn’t bring myself to finish the withdrawl and press the enter button.

Questioning myself again, I pondered, will this class be as challenging and time-consuming?  With new undertakings, will I have too much on my plate? I still could not bring myself to drop any of the classes.  I texted four people who are close to me.  Three of the four, including my husband responded.  Their feedback helped.

I have momentum and drive; it is not the time to ease off the gas and delay progress.

My hunger and thirst for this program make my heart flutter. Simply talking about the program sends goose bumps along my arms.

The work is demanding and challenging, but that’s where the growth emerges.  Finally, I’ve become quite comfortable with the sentiment of feeling uncomfortable.  In strength training, you lift to failure; then you lift again.  It is only through the discomfort of breaking down (tearing) the muscles and feeling sore, along with proper nutrition that we become stronger and develop muscle growth.

On the other side of this struggle awaits unexplored ventures and unknown opportunities.

Because I procrastinated, I did NOT drop my spring classes!!  Hallelujah!!

This post is a friendly reminder for me and for you to stay encouraged in whatever it is we set out to do.  Self-doubt is normal but pushing through the doubt is the exception.  Many people succumb to fear and to doubt and give up on their dreams.  They spend their life wondering, what if?  Please don’t give up. Keep pushing and keep it moving. Failure means success and beats the what if’s any day.  I’m delighted that I procrastinate!  I know that I made the best decision as I continue to follow my bliss. 🙂

Here’s to a new semester, to new challenges,  and to new opportunities in 2017! By the way, if you like what you’ve read here, please subscribe to Lexa’s Journal. Thank you!

Happy New Year!




Liebster Award Nominations!

The hoopla and festivities of the Christmas holiday are over.   My Christmas day was joyous, full of laughter and an abundance of blessings– Quality family time, delicious food, and our heartwarming gift exchange.

Today, I decided to stay in my PJ’s, make it my official blog catch up day and do nothing else.   No cooking… Both refrigerators are full of leftovers.  No cleaning… rolling dust balls, specks of wrinkled bows, wrapping paper bits, and cookie crumbs will live on a second day without my attention.

2013 was an enjoyable year for my blog.  Balancing work, family, and me time proved to be challenging at times, but I made it work.  This year, Lexa’s Journal was nominated for several blogger awards.  I am honored and thankful!

Until today, I haven’t been able to properly and genuinely respond and accept the awards.  My delay has nothing to do with my genuine appreciation and gratitude that I feel toward my nominees!

The Liebster Award!!!!!



I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by two fabulous bloggers!

The Liebster award is given to up and coming bloggers.  What is a Liebster?  The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

Thank you Body Rebooted and Monday Morning Motivation for the Liebster  Award Nominations!!   I am genuinely grateful and honored!!

Christina’s Body Rebooted blog, gives excellent advice on nutrition and inspiration to improve your overall health.  Fitness, health and wellness are the nucleus of my life, so I look forward to discovering new ideas and recipes on her blog.

Monday Morning Motivation first grabbed my attention with an enlightening post about human trafficking.  HT is on the rise in New Jersey as is across the country.  Awareness is a key to prevention.  If the topic is new to you, visit his page and learn more about it.  But the blog is much deeper in content. I Am Worth The Effort is an outstanding initiative to empower both men and women to be their best.  This blog is a definite go-to for daily inspiration.

Rules of the Liebster Award:

1. Post acceptance post and include a thank you to the blogger who nominated you.

2. Choose at least 10 bloggers you wish to nominate with links to their blogs.

3. Answer 10 questions your nominator sent to you.

4. Include 10 questions for your nominees  to answer.

5. No tag backs.

Questions for me and my answers:

1.  Why did you start blogging?  I have always enjoyed writing.  I decided to put my thoughts to paper (key board) to share  my life experiences and challenges with readers to hopefully encourage, inspire, and give hope to others.

Have you ever felt like giving up on blogging?   No. When I started blogging, I worried about having the time to  keep up a blog.  I no longer worry about that.  I set a goal to blog no less than one day per week and, for the most part, I have been able to keep up with that schedule.

3.  What has been your experience with your readers so far?  Positive, encouraging, and educational.  I am a life learner and the blogging community has so much to offer.

4.  Do you plan to one day turn your blog into a career?  No.

5.  Many bloggers are working on a manuscript.  Are you planning to write a book, or have one already started?  No, I haven’t started a manuscript, but do have plans to write a book. I am still figuring out my niche.

6.  What’s the last act of random kindness that you performed?  Over the summer, I solicited the help of my husband, another family member and friend to buy school and dorm supplies for a young woman to go off to college.

7.  If money and time weren’t an issue, what’s the one thing you’ve always dreamed of doing that you would do?  Open a fitness center that focuses on health and nutrition for teens.

8.  Who has had the biggest influence on the way you view yourself now?  Seriously… Oprah Winfrey!  Her old talk show and the new network, OWN has opened a door to a wealth of knowledge and new ways of thinking for me. The recommended books, enlightening interviews such as the likes of Maya Angelou has taught me well.  I learned to break unhealthy family cycles

9.  What’s your favorite book, and why? Hmm…. Today I would say, “the untethered soul; the journey beyond yourself” by Michael A. Singer   Although I’m still reading the book, it is helping me to understand and guide my inner voice.

10. If you celebrate Christmas, what’s your favorite Christmas song?  Silent Night sung by Patti LaBelle

Questions for my nominees to answer:

1.  Why did you start blogging?

2. What is your best blogging tip?

3.  What is your favorite time of the year?

4.  What is your favorite movie and why?

5.  Your earliest memory goes back to what age?

6.  If you had to teach something what would you teach?

7.  Would you rather have more time or money?

8.  What makes you smile?

9.  If you weren’t scared what would you do?

10. What do you do for fun?

My 10 nominees are: 

The Growth Blog

Shawn R. Jones


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