Jabbing at the gym

I am at the gym now watching my son in his boxing class. This post is by way of my smart phone, which is a first for me. Wow! I definitely need my glasses for this!

Boxing is a sport that I did not envision my son partaking. However, since mid fall, he’s been asking to Box, so I did what any good mom would do… Sign him up!

While I am not excited at the prospects of him taking blows to the face, the advantages and discipline that he will gain from the experience is worth the time.

Jab, jab, step. Jab, jab, step and so on. The routine is unlike any thing I imagined. Boxers begin their routine by jumping rope continuously for 15 minutes. You think that’s easy? Try it! I did and quickly discovered my heart beating faster than it does at the end of a 10 mile run.

After watching other boxers in the gym jump rope, I decided to invest in a new piece of workout equipment– a weighted jump rope! Lol! There’s this kid in here now skipping rope like he was born with the rope in his hand. Darn! I want to jump like him. I asked the trainer how long would it take me to jump like that. He said that it took him a couple of months. Hmm… All I know is that this is a great exercise to incorporate¬†into my routine. “Always change-up your routine” is what my personal trainer told me, so that’s what I continue to do.

I also see a kid shadow boxing with two (2) pound weights. I think I will hold off on that one until later.

Anyway, if you aren’t working out yet, it’s time to get moving. Although our weather in Jersey has been very mild, it’s only February so there is plenty of time to get in shape for swimsuit season. Get up and get moving!