Good Things Really Do Come In Small Packages

When you are a fanatic about living a healthy and fit lifestyle, you become a prowler for healthy treats. New and exotic fruits, enticing vegetables, or an appetizing sweet treat is good things that you just cannot get enough of.

The Vitamin Store is one of my go tos for organic loose leaf tea, my protein powder, and a few other items.  Today, like no other day, while at the register, I did a quick scan of the shelf by the cash register. Look what I found!  :).  Yeah I know, coconut is high in fat, but in small portions, it’s all good.

The first thing I always do is READ THE LABEL.  No matter how delectable and pretty the package is, I always read the label.  This package is so darn small, I couldn’t see sh** on the label.   Ugh! My glasses were in the car.   Hehe!  A few weeks ago,   I got scammed on a green tea latte.

I asked the cashier to read the nutrition facts. Only three (3) grams of sugar. Nice. I’m all smiling now.  60 Calories for one treat, not bad.  Zero grams of sodium. I CAN do this.   One last check; the ingredients. It’s a real gem.  I’m humming The Pointer Sister’s tune, “I’m so excited!  And I just can’t hide it..”

For real.  I get excited over stuff like this. Friends often shake their heads and wonder why I get so happy and energized when I talk about working out or eating healthy.  It’s hilarious, but I can’t help myself.  This stuff is fun. 🙂

You might laugh at me.   This treat is only a half an ounce, but I don’t need to eat an entire bag of candy to satisfy my appetite for a sweet tooth.  Okay.  you’re gonna die laughing when you see the size of this amazing treat, but trust me, it did the trick.

The key to indulging in your treats is to sit down.  Eat mindfully slow.  Don’t talk on the phone. Avoid distractions like FaceBook or other social networks.  If you have kids, please, wait until they are in bed.  Don’t even read.  Just take small bites and savor every bite.  🙂     Think about Janet Jackson’s old song, Control.    Trust me, you’ll get better with practice, but you have to want to control yourself.

I’m glad I tried it. It delicious and I highly recommend it. Oh, I bought six and I only ate one.  :).  They are sold in individual packets.  Oh and by the way, unlike the green tea latte, this treat really is lightly sweetened.  

What are some of your favorite healthy treats?  I’d love to add some more goodies to my stash.

Thanks for stopping by.

Make your day magical.  🙂  Smooches!

Good Cheating!

Hurray! Today is Friday and I completed by day job! Lol!

Mama dukes is setting the stage to get my weekend “chores” done tonight. Laundry is sorted and the house…. Umm… Nope! I’m not cleaning.

Today is Day# 19 of my 100 Happy Days Challenge and it is a tasty one!

IMG_3046.JPGI’ve talked about Z Crackers in earlier posts and I haven’t nibbled on this treat in a hot minute.  The market was out of my favorite dark chocolate, but I have had this brand before and it will work.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to eat them together because I don’t usually combine the two.

The chocolate is for a fine glass of Cabernet, which I haven’t had in months. Still amazed that I gave up my almost glass-a-day craze.  Although I never thought I could give up my daily glass of wine, once I realized the sugar content, I weaned myself off. Heeey!  The crackers are perfect when I feel the need to crunch on something.

Either way, it’s about to go down!! I want to say more, but I have to get this laundry done so I will have a handle on my weekend, starting with the gym on Saturday and Sunday.

I’ll talk to y’all later.

Enjoy the evening.