Do What You Fear!


Now that I have returned to work, many of my blog posts begin on the football field sidelines.

I am sitting on the sidelines at my son’s football practice.  At 6:15 p.m., the current temp is 82 degrees.  I can still feel the sun on my back, but there’s a nice breeze. My tank is dry.  Unlike this afternoon…  After a brisk walk on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, I returned to the jury room with horizontal water stains lining the front and back of my tank top.

I am trying to constructively work through frustration this afternoon.   Jury Duty caused me to miss CrossFit today.  Once I realized I was going to miss the class, I hurried to Sports Authority to buy a new pair of Asics Gel Nimbus.   I really need a new pair.

My running sneaks were worn down more than I realized. The hint? An aching hip. After closely examining them, I realized they are badly worn on the outer heals of both sneaks. Running in worn sneakers is the worst thing you can do, at least if you’re over 40.

I found my sneaks, but they didn’t have my size. I was disappointed.  However, a friendly sales clerk saved me a few dollars and ordered them online for me.   I pray they are delivered to my home by Saturday morning.  I desperately NEED a long run.

Last Saturday, with two beautiful women supporting me, I conquered the bridge!!!!  And you know what? I stressed for nothing!!

The night before my walk, I tossed and turned a bit before falling to sleep. The morning before the walk, my nerves ran me to the bathroom several times.  I probably lost a pound or two before walking. LOL!

My fears were counterproductive.  In my mind, I knew that my fear of heights would paralyze me.  I was confident that my fear would overwhelm my spirit and possess me to grip the railings while sobbing all the way across the bridge.  I even thought I might even end up crawling to the other side.


I was incredibly wrong about crossing the OC bridge.  No crying.  No gripping the rails.  No heart palpitations.  Nothing whatsoever!!

My walk across the bridge was peaceful, pleasant, and breathtaking!  I am sorry that I haven’t walk the bridge sooner.  It was built with pedestrians in mind.

The bridge’s walkway is wide enough for at least four people to hold hands and stroll across.  At 8:00 a.m., the bridge had a steady flow of friendly walkers, runners, and bicyclist.

After the first quarter mile, I was relaxed and began to really enjoy the morning sun, the calm bay, and the great conversation.  I began to appreciate the beauty and the blessing of being on the bridge.

A visitor’s center and fishing pier is located half-way across the bridge. This is also where the urge to RUN set in.  I was dumbfounded that I was afraid of this beautiful and serene like place.

The state estimates that “during peak season, over 40,000 cars pass through each day,”  but somehow the sound of the roaring engines, and perhaps the elevation of the bridge faded deeply into the background.

I am grateful to my friends Nicole and Tara for making Saturday happen.  We walked across and back; five (5) miles total!  Thank you!!

I will be running this bridge in the very near future.

Do what you fear and fear disappears.

David Joseph Schwartz


This picture was taken as we approached the bridge. Yes, I was still nervous!


This picture was taken about a quarter-mile into our walk. This is not the highest point of the bridge.



I was encouraged by my friend Nicole to take this picture as proof that I crossed the bridge. LOL!

Saturday’s Challenge


Instead of posting my WOD, I am mentally preparing for a personal challenge tomorrow….

Walking this!!  Walking this is a challenge because I have a fear of heights.


The Ocean City bridge is over 2 miles (one way).


Ocean City, NJ Bridge

After this post, I promised myself that I will not look at this picture again until I have crossed the bridge tomorrow morning.

I am drawing inspiration from the wonderful quotes that I found on Pinterest.





Hump Day’s WOD


 25 Min Cap To Complete Both A & B 3 Rds Of

(A) Tight Single Strict Press With KB 8L/8R
 Windmills 8L/8R
 200M Row

(B) 3 Rds: Turkish Get up 3L/3R
 3 Strict Hanging Leg Raises
 (RX - Legs Straight, Adv. Windshield Wipers)
 2 Walk Walks
 200M Run

WOD: 3 Rds For Time:
 40 Wall Balls (20/14)
 30 Toes To Bar
 20 Pull Ups
 *20Min Cap

Today was my second day of work after having two months off. I figured out the only way to fit CrossFit into my fall/winter routine is to indulge in the 3:30 class.

I am a morning person. With little hesitation, my body happily responds to early morning work outs. The afternoon drive is slow to show up. Maybe once the school year kick in and the tension, anxiety, and adrenalin from an average school day, invades my body, I will be more eager to burn it all off in the afternoon class.

I got a peek of the WOD in advance and was sorry that I did. I kinda laughed when I saw it, because the number had to be wrong.

All day, I thought about my greatest challenge:  Wall balls!!!!   did the math.

Forty times three… Ummm…. that’s an astounding 120 WB’s!

Say what??

Well, it’s possible! I did them with a 10 pound ball instead of a 14 pound ball.  I’m getting closer to succeeding at Toes To Bar. I did Knees To Chest and I’m excited because my form is improving and they were pretty good. Wooohooo! Woop! Woop!

Although exhausted, I completed 2 Rounds of the WOD and did 80 Reps– 10 reps shy of completing the prescribed three rounds. Heeey!

Quick note before ending this post….

Saturday morning at 8 a.m., I’ve taken on the challenge of facing one of my biggest fears… heights!  I repeat, heights!!  I struggle walking across the little bridge boarding a cruise ship, so crossing the two-mile (one-way) Ocean City bridge will be a memorable experience.

I am taking on the fear with at least one person and possible others.

I’m afraid!  Oh yes, I’m terrified!  

While driving across this bridge, I’ve notice the pedestrian walk… it looks small.  I’m just saying.  Oh Lord!  The bridge will be on my mind until Saturday.  I may need CrossFit after crossing this bridge.   I will share Saturday with you.