Fresh Air And Quality Of Life

Happy Monday!

For the umpteenth time this winter, we’ve gotten a shoveable amount of snow at the Jersey shore.

Early morning view of the Atlantic City Expressway

Early morning view of the Atlantic City Expressway

Atlantic City streets a little before 7 a.m.

Atlantic City streets this morning  just before 7 a.m.

But I must admit, it’s beautiful out!  Crisp cool and refreshing air–that is until I got a whiff of mom’s cigarette this morning! #venting

house rear

I took this pic after the last snow storm. My daughter edited it for me. Talented she is!

Phew, yuck, nasty, foul-smelling and vulgar tasting!  A gust of wind and bam!!!  The pollution seeped into my aperture, contaminated my mouth and replaced my fresh minty mouth with the nasty taste of tobacco.

To experience this second-hand smoke mess on the street is one thing, but to deal with it at home, is an entirely different unhappy story.

The snow closed most schools in the area including my son’s school, so I took advantage of the day off. Instead of a late afternoon workout, I was able to workout on a weekday morning when the gym was empty. Sweet!

Before heading out to the gym, I shoveled a path for our pooch to go potty.  He’s not the smallest of the Shih Tzu breed, but small enough that his four paws sink through deeper snow and land him face down in it.

Walkway for my pooch!

Walkway for my pooch!

Morning stroll out back

Morning stroll out back

The summer seems so far away.  I'm dreaming about swimming laps right now.

The summer seems so far away. I’m dreaming about swimming laps right now.

The nasty cloud of smoke greeted me when I walked from the back yard to re-enter the garage.  Annoyingly I cough and wave my hand, but mom doesn’t get the message.  Even if she did get the message, the scene would remain unchanged. She ignores my gestures and continues to puff, wheeze, and talk on the phone.   I try to hold my breath and dash past her to fresher air.  Ugh!!

Mom will be 81 this year and has no plans to give up smoking.  She talks a good game about “cutting back,” but I think that’s to appease me.   No more do I give her the cigarettes are bad for you speech.  I think she’s been smoking since she was a teenager and has no plans to give it up.  It is was it is.  As long as she doesn’t smoke in my home, she can smoke wherever she wants with her cigarettes.

I become frustrated and off kilter when the smoke permeates the garage—returning home from work, I pull in and jump out the car only to be greeted by pure stank!

Through childhood, I breathed second-hand smoke at home, in the car, and with family. As an adult who understands the risks of exposure to second-hand smoke, I choose not to expose myself or my children to it.  So when I’m forced to inhale the carcinogen, I am annoyed. I don’t judge those who smoke, I simply choose not to.

Mom always tells me, You can’t live forever!”

I know that. Lol!!  Hello!!   It’s quality of life that matters most to me, so I work hard to remain mindful of how I treat my body and what goes into it.   Healthy living is a mindset–either it’s there or it’s not. I’m having fun living and want to keep it that way.

I’m still sore from Saturday’s WOD, but today is leg day, so I am ready. 🙂

My trainer warmed me up with a series of total body workout routines using TRX Bands, a Bosu Ball, Wall Balls, Kettlebells, and a stepper. To tell you the truth, the warm up felt more like a workout!

Before going hard on the legs, I did a few chest exercises.  The break help my legs to recover from “the warm up,” but shortly after my hams and quads were once again awakened.

About two-hours of hard work at the gym has made me a little tired.  Something I rarely get to do is take a nap.  I hope it lasts.  I’m groggy!  Lol!

Talk to you later!

Enjoy your afternoon!

Saturday’s WOD

The CrossFit games are going on strong and so am I.

I see that the 14.3 was a beast!  While I am missing out on this round of the games, there will be others.

It has been nearly two weeks since completing my last WOD, so I was highly motivated to get to this morning’s class.

WOD: 5 Rds @ high effort:

250m Row
10 Thruster (75/55)
10 Pull Ups (24/20)
10 burpees
* mix order of movements each Rds

Stronger… I definitely am!  I did the thrusters at 55 pounds. There was a time, when the bar was the only option.

Not to get side-tracked, but speaking of options. The alternative to CrossFit this morning was a flapjack breakfast fundraiser at Applebee’s for B’Dazzle’s school.  Now don’t get me wrong, I support my son’s school 200%, but clearly, I would have been down right miserable picking over a plate loaded up with scrambled eggs while visions of burpees danced in my head!  Thankfully, hubby took him and his friend.

Anyhow, that’s the beauty of strength training and CrossFit.  Maintaining consistency with a healthy nutrition plan will produce amazing results. Your physic, performance/strength, attitude, and confidence all increases. That’s better than any drug!

Five rounds of pull-ups, nets 50. 45 of my pull-ups were using a thin blue ban.  So tell me why chicken-head, that’d be me, downgrade to a green band for the last 5 pull-ups?  I’ll tell you why.  I was tired, which is a BS excuse, but in retrospect, I got caught up in the time trap. Rarely does that happen to me, but it did today. I wanted to finish the WOD, so I slid over to the green band.

There is a solution though.  Next time, I won’t bring a “just in case” second band.  If I only have one on hand, no other option will exist and that’s what I’ll have to work with.  Clearly if I can complete 45, 50 is a done deal. So what if it takes me longer!  Next time! SMH!

Surprisingly, the temps were mild at 8 o’clock this morning, so I opted for the 250 meter run instead of the row.  Any excuse to run!

Happy Saturday and enjoy the weekend!

~ Keep it movin’!