Roaring With Pleasure!


 Like my zodiac twin, Leo the lion, I am roaring with pleasure!

Black rice is the newest cuisine that I added to my weekly palate.



On Sunday, I blogged about my first time cooking it.

IMG_3467 I give it two thumbs up!

The texture and flavor are like that of brown rice and you cook it pretty much the same. I enjoyed the rice with kale and chicken breast; it was delicious.

If you enjoy the soft fluffy texture of white rice and you want the same texture, the rice needs to cook longer and with more water.

My family enjoys brown rice with the added flavor low sodium chicken broth, instead of water.

Because this was my first time cooking and eating black rice, I did not want to alter the original flavor, so I followed the package instructions and cooked it in water.  The package did not call for oil or butter, but it made sense to add oil to the rice, so I added one tablespoon to two cups of rice.  I should have added two.

Tonight (four days later), I had enough leftover black rice from the week, so you know I was dying to cook?

black rice and shrimpBlack rice, sautéed garlic shrimp, and a baby kale medley!

Seriously this perked me up. After a long day on the road, missing several meals, not drinking enough water, I was terribly off kilter.  The meal, a toasty fireplace and a forbidden glass of Cabernet has me feeling more like myself. 🙂

friday fire

Enjoy the weekend!

Autumn Sunday Mornings

Good Morning!

Happy Sunday!  🙂

Autumn Sunday mornings (for me) means chill time with the family (not including the gym).

Howling winds woke me this morning; it sounded cold out there.  SJ is cold (44 degrees) and to think that in a few hours, we’ll be on the football field.  So you know I couldn’t wait to…


#100HappyDaysChallenge #100HappyDaysChallenge4Lexa #Day49

Have my first official wood burning of the season!  Besides the warmth the fire brings, I also enjoy the crackling and wood popping.

Freshly cooked omelets were in order, so I put my chefs hat on for myself, hubby, and B’Dazzle.


An omelet isn’t the same for me without veggies.  This one has spinach, mushrooms, fresh garlic, red, and orange peppers– oh and crushed peppers.


Two slices of Ezekiel bread is a healthy source of carbs.

label1Flourless and low glycemic makes the bread appealing (to me).


finished omelet

My plate was meatless.  Yummy! Hubby and B’Dazzle had sausage on their plate.

Because of the rain yesterday, B’Dazzle’s conference football game was rescheduled for today.  While we’ll be dry, it is going to be COLD on the field today.  I’ve got hand and toe warmers for B’Dazzle and any other player who needs or wants a pair.  You bet, I’ll shove a pair of warmers in my gloves and boots.


#100HappyDaysChallenge #Day51

After the game, we have left-overs and a delicious fresh crock pot full of Jambalaya.

The recipe is saved on my  Pinterest soup board and is courtesy of Abby at  Thank you Abby! It’s easy to make and perfect for a day like today.  After the game, I hope to do some catching up on much-needed blog time in front of the fireplace while grubbing on a big bowl of spicy and healthy Jambalaya. Mmm…

Have fun watching Sunday football and enjoy the day! 🙂


Wednesday’s WOD

Another snow storm closed most schools in the area today.  Both me and B’Dazzle are home.  Poor hubby, being a public safety worker, had to schlep into the city early this morning.

With hubby leaving early for work, no time was left for him to faithfully plow the driveway. Regardless of snow amounts, our SUV’s usually get us up and down the driveway with no problem.   So doesn’t really matter to me if the driveway is plowed or not.

He on the other hand has to have the driveway as clean as possible.  He’s such a great guy!  Around 10ish this morning, I realized that I probably wouldn’t make it to the gym today as planned, so I decided to make the driveway my WOD.

My shovel was my equipment.

My shovel was my equipment.

I overdressed and almost immediately broke out into a sweat.  No rushing or anything.. just a steady cool pace.

The WOD!

The WOD!

Yes in indeed, the driveway is pretty lengthy (at least to be shoveling snow), but it beats being a couch potato for the day.

Shortly after I started the bright sun replaced the clouds; making my WOD more enjoyable.  Was it cold out?  Yes, but not bitter cold.  No wind, just calm crisp cool air, which was far better than yesterday’s biting wind.

For the record, I could of used this instead of the shovel, but I’m old school and when possible or within reason, would rather manually shovel snow.

Hubby's snow thrower nesting in the garage.

Hubby’s snow thrower nesting in the garage.

While shoveling, two passerby’s offered to clean the driveway for me, but I declined.  They probably think I’m crazy, but I didn’t want  help.

In about an hour-and-a-half, the snow-covered driveway was pretty much free of snow.  Yay!

A clean driveway!

A clean driveway!

Half way through shoveling, my feet starting getting cold and I didn’t understand why.  My boots are about 11 or 12 years old and they have always keep my feet warm. Not many boots do but these do the trick. When I came in the house to remove my boots, look what I found!!!  What the heck?  Cracks and splits everywhere and they are separating at the seams!  They’re like new-or so I thought.  I don’t even think I’ve worn them a dozen times.  They are from a good company so I think I’m going to return them to the company along with a nice letter and  see what they say.  It’s certainly worth a shot.   If you don’t ask, you don’t get.. right?

I’m glad it’s done because when hubby gets home (probably after dark today), he would go out and work on the driveway, which is ridiculous–since I was home all day.  So when he gets home, he’ll have a nice surprise!

This wife gets her hands dirty and ain’t afraid to help her hubby, nor do I wait around for him to do things that I can do myself.  Case in point. Week two now and because of the snow, my firewood delivery is delayed… again.

The fireplace isn’t such a big deal for hubby as it is for me. He could live with or without it.  I need the fireplace to get me through the winter. Rather then wait around or nag him to find me some firewood, I sought out a local homeowner selling it roadside and loaded up my SUV.

Yesterday evening's wood haul.

Yesterday evening’s wood haul.

An I-can-do-it-myself attitude has made a difference in our 25 1/2 year marriage. Sure I need hubby for some things, but I also believe that a husband (at least mine does) can appreciate a wife who can do for herself versus the damsel in distress 24/7.  Being healthy and fit has advantages.

So now that I’m back in the house, I’ve eaten a decent lunch… Steel oats and a large spinach and egg omelet (4 egg whites & 1 yolk).

Now I’m relaxing in my favorite place…

Aaaah, love the crackling sounds of wood burning!

Aaaah, love the crackling sounds of wood burning!

And I think I’ll catch up on some overdue reading!

Enjoy your day!