It Was Good While It Lasted

The decision to give up coffee was kind of spontaneous.  Nearly two months have passed since I gave up my freshly brewed java.    Fresh coffee was a nice early morning treat and part of my morning ritual.

The decision to give up coffee was sudden and random.  One day I just noticed that I didn’t  feel like myself.  The feeling was more than the typical jitters from too much caffeine.  Aside from the increase in hot flashes,  I felt sick from it.  The taste changed too.  It was nasty.   That’s not supposed to happen. What the heck is going on?  Hormones I suppose.  Or maybe it’s my body’s way of telling me it’s time to give it up.

Anyways my current morning ritual now includes organic loose leaf green tea. And guess what?   It’s working well.  I actually feel better, more energized and I don’t get the dragging feeling after the caffeine boost. Yay!

So imagine my delight when I stumbled on a Green Tea Latte at Starbucks.

 🙂 Aaaaaaaah!  The heavenly gates opened up.   I tried the latte and loooooooved it!  Although I like the vibe of Starbucks, they’re too pricey for me.  This day was an exception because I was on the road and ran in to get some oatmeal.  I ended up with the oats and the green tea latte.  I substituted regular milk for coconut milk.

Fast forward to my third one.   😦

You know I had to know the nutritional content, so I went to the company’s website.

“Smooth and Creamy.” Yes.

“Lightly sweetened.” NOT!!

Check out the sugar content!!  Oh my gosh!  I was devastated then I realized the whopping 27 grams of sugar was for a Grande.  Uh oh. I’ve been drinking the Venti, which is even larger. Ugh!

The Venti is loaded with even more sugar!  36 grams!!  This is ridiculous.  Starbucks has to do better. They got that one off on me.  This is yet another example of why we have to stay diligent in researching all that we eat and drink.  250 Calories. 9 grams of saturated fat. 90 calories from fat.  When I read the label, I became sad and angry. Who would think green tea would have so much sugar?  Yup. They tricked me.  

Whelp.  It was good while it lasted.  I just can’t and don’t consume sugar like that. Speaking of sugar, if you’re trying to lose weight or maybe trying to reduce your sugar intake, check out the video, The Truth About Sugar that I recently watched. It may change the way you think about your favorite sugary snack.

I’ve got a lot going on these days.  When things settle down, I have tons of good stuff to share.  So hang in there with me.  If you like this post, please like, share and follow me.

Smooches!  🙂

Summer Fitness Fun

Fitness should not be boring and mundane.  Staying in shape is about having fun and finding creative ways to workout.

By now, everyone should know to take the stairs instead of elevators or escalators, but it goes further than that.

Hubby worked today so it was only me and B’Dazzle.  After an hour of football camp, we played in the backyard. Listening to my favorite summer getaway tunes,  Shaggy, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Straight No Chaser, I’m Yours/Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and whatever else Pandora came up with, we left the state.  Ha! Ha!! Metaphorically speaking of course. LOL!

Complete relaxed and thankful at the same time.

Completely relaxed and thankful at the same time.

photo (2)

We floated in the pool for bit then move to intense water gun and super soaker water fights.  My demise came with bat mitten.  After both of us missing the ball way too many times, we upped the ante.

These babies did me in with pushups.

These babies did me in with push ups.

Whoever missed a “catchable” ball/mitt had to do 10 push ups at the command of the other.  I was certain that my son would be doing more push ups!  Ha!  The joke was on me. His hand-eye coördination is better than he let on.  I found myself kissing the grass doing push ups at his command.

Up! Down! Up! Down! Don’t come up until I tell you too!

I stopped counting at 50!!  Lol!  He reminded me that that’s how it’s done in football.

Me:  I’m mom!

B’Dazzle:  Oh well, that’s how it’s done in football!!

He took great pride in standing over me counting.  So while he got to shout orders at mom, I got some exercise in too.  Lol! Had a blast with him out back.

photo 1 (1) copy

Enjoying a bag of Doritos.  Yuck!

Think fun and don’t take it so serious.

Speaking of fun, today I made one my favorite summer cocktails.

photo 2 (1)

I know the glass could have been nicer, but I needed a cup that would be stable while floating in the pool.

Mango Smoothie

1 cup of frozen mango
2 shots of Tequila
2 shots of Grand Mariner
splash of sweet and sour
1/2 cup or so of crushed ice

Combine ingredients in a smoothie cup.  Blend and serve in your favorite glass. Garnish with a strawberry and enjoy!

This is not a low-calorie drink, but I’m human and occasionally treat myself.  I floated in the pool while enjoying my frozen treat.

I hope you enjoyed your day.

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Behind The Scenes

Two days post competition turned out to be a perfect and my last day of “cheating.”  Lol!

A personal day off from work gave me time to enjoy a spa day. I took my son to school and immediately drove to the spa for a day of pampering with a girlfriend.

The Hot Rock Massage was exactly what my body needed and then some.  Just heavenly!  Massage…jacuzzi…sauna…steam room…pool…DRINKS!  Lol!  Oh yeah!

The activities that take place behind the scenes are just as, if not more interesting, than what occurs on stage.  Lots of muscle pumping, tanning, and prepping.  I respect fellow competitors privacy, so I won’t include any of their shots.  The vibe in the prep room is all good and I felt welcomed.

I received many well wishes lots of smiling faces.  I even received advice from the more experienced competitors, which I thought was cool.

Speaking of behind the scenes, I must give props to my seamstress, Decked In Diamonds, who did a phenomenal job on my suit!  Heeey!   We never met in person and all the measurements and fittings were done through the internet or snail mail.  And… she nailed it!

Well tomorrow, it’s back to the grind!

Happy almost Tuesday!

Kickin It Up A Notch

I’m three months into my training, which puts me half way to the ANBF New Jersey Natural Pro-Am Classic VIII.

What has surprised me the most?  Don’t laugh but…  I’ve hung out with my crew of 10 several times since the New Year and effortlessly declined a glass or two of Cabernet Sauvignon and a few other tempting liquid deserts. The hot wings, seafood pasta salad, and few other delicious and high calorie foods didn’t tempt me, but the wine did!

Tis the season for a sizzling fireplace as the backdrop for an oversized ruby stained goblet.  During the blazin heat, the pool keeps me smiling. Throughout the brutally cold winter, every evening possible, I snuggle up closely to the fireplace with a glass of my favorite wine and enjoy some quiet time.

To show my absolute best for the competition, I knew that at some point in my training, that I would need to temporarily break away from my favorite treat.  I thought it would be hard, but it hasn’t been. Why? Because I am focused.   When I commit to anything, I set aside my doubts and ride it out. I am willing to do whatever is necessary to put out my best.

I don’t want to look back after the event and emotionally or mentally have to deal with “I wish I had… blah…blah…blah…”  I have excellent help in preparing for the competition, so I have no excuse.  No excuses!

After a couple of months of grinding it out at the gym, it’s time to kick things up a notch.  I need to elevate my glove game.

Now that I’m lifting heavier, when I’m doing shoulders, back, and a few other exercises, I lose grip.  Either I’m slipping or I can feel the bar slipping from my hands.  Not good!

These gloves aren't holding up for heavier weights.  I've had them for at least 15 years.  Lol!

These gloves aren’t holding up for heavier weights. I’ve had them for at least 15 years. Lol!

The scientology of the hands in weight lifting is more intricate than I realized.  Look at this:

Source:  Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc via Versa Gripps

Source: Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc via Versa Gripps

The bones, tendons, and arteries that compromise the hands are fragile.  Good support can prevent injuries, but also improve focus and performance.  Check out The Science Behind Versa Gripps.

Anyways, I am excited because yesterday my new Versa Gripps Pro weight lifting gloves arrived!!  Check them out!

Yay!!!  I am so excited and can’t wait to use them this week.  Yesterday was also leg day.  Through years of running and a good six months of CrossFit has made my legs rather strong.  Further strengthening these muscles means greater intensity.

Well…. this morning I am feeling it!!   My gluts (a**) and hamstrings are so sore and tight, I feel like somebody’s grand momma!  Lol!    When I go to stand, it’s not happening as quickly as I think it should.  I’m movin’ in super sloooow motion!   But, that’s what we want…  progress baby!!!

Image courtesy of sixpackfactory

Image courtesy of sixpackfactory

My schedule this week may only get me to the gym one day for weight training, which means, I’ll be doing CrossFit for at least two days. I’m cool with that… actually I’m happy because I like to get at least one day of CF in.   I’ll be sure to post the WOD’s.

Curiosity has me wondering if or how my CF performance will be affected this week.  Time will tell.

Okay; it’s food prep time.  Until later! Happy Sunday and make it a great day!

Image courtesy of fitfabcities

Image courtesy of fitfabcities

All “Barbara’s” Are Not The Same


5 Rounds

20 Pull ups
30 Push ups
40 Sit ups
50 Air Squats

My long time and best friend of 38 years name is Barbara.  She is much kinder than this Barbara!  I was so tired at the end of the workout, that I forgot to record my time.  Do the math!

* 100 pull ups, 150 push ups, 200 sit ups, and 250 squats *

My estimated time: Around 42 minutes

Today’s class was large and full of energy; it was challenging, but it felt like a party!  LOL!  Laughter, moans, groans, grunts, and encouragement from all.  You really have to try CrossFit before you judge it and think that you can’t do it.  Trust me, YOU CAN!

Enjoy your weekend!