A new laundry trend

I can’t speak for all women, but for many of us, there’s something special about putting on a pair of high heels.  Strapping on your favorite pair of heels has a way of making you feel particularly good.  No, I know what it is!  It’s a cool feeling of sexiness.  That’s it.  Heels instantaneously put a little more pep in my step and more of a feminine swag to my walk.   Lol! 

Today I found myself doing my laundry in heels.  Say what?  Yep!

Due to my passion for running, I am suffering from a foot condition (plantar fasciitis).  To speed up recovery, my doctor told me to stop walking bare feet on the hard wood floors, stop wearing , flip-flops –my summer favorite, and to wear a shoe or sneaker at home  that provides more support.

Last month, I started wearing an alternative shoe/sandal, but they don’t work; I’m still experiencing foot discomfort.  I switched to sneakers, which helps; however, my running sneakers are grungy.  In our home, shoes that are worn outside are not worn in the house.  I can compromise and wear my sneakers on the main floor of the house, but I refuse to wear those nasty shoes upstairs in the bedrooms and the master bath. 

So yesterday I rummaged through my closet for suitable footwear that has not yet been work outside.  Ta-da!  I found the perfect pair!   

They’re sandals so my foot can breathe.  They have a little heel and they are extremely comfortable.

I slid on my sandals this morning and didn’t think much of it.  Mom commented twice, “Hmm… you look nice!”   “Hmm… You look really nice today!”  Laughing to myself I thought, “What’s the big deal?!”  Even hubby was taking second and third glances with eyebrows up.

When I saw a reflection of myself from the basement glass door carrying a laundry basket full of sheets and towels, I started cracking up.   Not bad old girl!  I thought, “When was the last time I laughed this hard or got this much attention from the family while doing laundry.”

Doing laundry is such a long and drawn out chore, but strutting through the house in my comfy heels is making the chore more enjoyable.  I’ve decided to start a new trend at home—laundering in heels!   At the top of my to-do list:  Buy comfy sexy heels to do next week’s laundry.  Lol!