Unthinkable Advice From an Imp

Addiction – noun –  The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

ORIGIN 1595-1605: <L a giving over, surrender.


My actions this morning would most likely label me as an addict or classify me as just down right crazy.  I probably should not have done it, but I could not help but to surrender to my habit…   I ran!

What’s so bad about that?  Well–Five days ago I ran 7.76 miles.  Ideal weather and the fact that I felt great inspired me to run 10 miles, until my knee began to stiffen.  Through the stiffness a biting and intense pain shot up the side of my left  knee.  This was a new pain to my mature knee.  It hurt enough to force me to walk home, but even walking caused pain, but I hobbled along gingerly while listening to my music and feeling grateful for the outdoor run.

At home, in reverse hoisting myself butt first, I drug myself up the stairs to shower and back down the stairs to the ice, ibuprofen, and then the sofa. I stayed on the sofa until bed time.  Overnight, a pillow comforted my knee.

Surprisingly the next morning, my knee was a little stiff, but no pain.  For the next three days I pampered my knee.  I also scheduled an appointment to see a doctor who specializes in sports medicine.  If I can side track for a moment– Who better to see than a physician, who understands the body, mind, and spirit of an athlete.  Did I just say “athlete?”  Lol!!  Yup!  While sadly no one pays me to run, I’m still am an athlete at heart. And heart is what matters…right?

Non sports doctors just tell you that you’re old and to go sit down somewhere. They are rarely up on the latest techniques that treat sports related injuries.   I can’t and won’t settle for that mess. I plan to run and workout for as long as I can do for myself.

Anyway, my son participates in a two-hour basketball clinic on Saturday mornings.  There are three treadmills positioned among other work out equipment.  I have yet to see one person walk, run, or sit on them. Are you getting the picture yet?

While washing clothes on Friday night, an intense urge to run starts setting in.    I’ve got a mischievous imp on one shoulder saying, “Go ahead girl, give it a try. This will be a good test for your knee.  If it hurts, just stop running.”  The imp’s angelic twin says “Don’t even think about it, you could do more harm to your knee. My dear, you must have patience.”

It’s Saturday morning… here are my stats from the treadmill.  LOL!!!!  I did the unthinkable… I ran and it felt so damn good!!!!!! Ha!  Ha!!

6 miles on the treadmill today!  Woo hoo!! (4/6/13)

6 miles on the treadmill today! Woo hoo!! (4/6/13)

This is my time, including my warm up walk on the treadmill.  I wanted to run longer.  :)

This is my time, including my warm up walk on the treadmill. I wanted to run longer. 🙂 By the way, sorry about the blur; it’s the picture not your eyes.

Hello!  Can you say CALORIES!!  There is margin for error on treads, but I'll take this!

Hello! Can you say CALORIES!! There is a margin for error on treads, but I’ll take this!

I know, I am certifiable crazy, but there are others out there in this world who understands my addiction.  Depending on your perspective, I’m either a stubborn behind athlete or a relentless junkie addicted to the endorphins.  The emotional high was well worth the risk. I needed this run.  It helped me to cope with the fact that I won’t be running in tomorrow’s Revel’s 2013 April Fools Half Marathon.  This will be the first year that I don’t particpate, so I am disappointed.   It is the only time that you get to run through the streets of Atlantic City without dodging cars, buses, and jitneys.  The run is peaceful, sceneic and loads of fun.

During my run on the treadmill this morning,  I stopped myself from busting out in laughter (as I do outside on the roadways) and softly singing along with my  music.  I had so much fun running (on pins and needles) this morning.  Some guy, who I didn’t realize was watching me, asks, “Are you from Kenya or something?!?”  I laughed and told him that I was actually taking it easy today.  He looked at me like I had two heads!!  Gotta love it!  Although I desperately longed for more intensity, I kept my speed between 5.5 mph and 6.5 mph. Grrr…

My doctor’s appointment is 12 days away, so this week I won’t run anymore but instead will focus on exercises that strengthen my hamstrings and quadriceps.  Will I run at my son’s practice next week?  ABSOLUTELY!  I am “enslaved to physical habit.”  Let’s pray that I caused no trauma to my knee.

Come on folks; tis the season to hit the road!  Keep it movin’!



Good morning! I am in the car (hubby is driving) on my way to Atlantic City to run the Half-Marathon.

I am filled with anticipation. Lol! I know it was just last week that i ran a little further, but running it with fellow athletes makes the run more enjoyable.

I am fueled up and rested and eager to get started. Wish me luck.!


Believe that you can…


Believe that you can run farther and faster.  Believe that you’re young enough, old enough, strong enough, and so on to accomplish everything you want to do.  Don’t let worn-out beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself.”
– John Bingham, running speaker and writer

Today’s workout of the day

Distance:  10.23 miles

Pace:  9:42 min/miles (average)
4:48 min/miles (max) sweet!

Duration:  1:39:17

Calories burned:  1070

The goal for today was to complete ten (10) miles under 1:40. Mission accomplished! This is a great way to start my week.  Y’all have a great day and an even better week.



Staying fit for race day

The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results. – Anthony Robbins

With every step my muscles ache.  Walking up and down the steps hurt.  The process of sitting down and getting up hurts. I squatted down to clean behind the toilet and that hurt too!  My ham(strings) and quadriceps ache.  Lol!  You’d think that as much as I work out, I am immune to soreness.  The reality is if you work out, you ought to feel something (soreness not pain) from your workout.

The last thing you want is for your body to get accustomed to your workout.  My fitness instructors have taught me well.  “You’ve gotta shock the body!”

Today I ran.  Yesterday I did CrossFit. Different from my regular class, but the workout was challenging and I feel it today.

This afternoon’s WOD was a run.

Distance:   8 Miles

Duration:   1:13:37

Pace:          9:11 min/miles (average)
7:00 min/miles (maximum)

Calories:     793

Yesterday’s WOD

Round One:   1,000 meters – Row Machine

50 Thrusters

 35 Pull ups (used green band for assistance)

Round Two:   500 Meters – Row Machine

25 Thrusters

15 Pull ups (used green band)

Round Three: 250 Meters – Row Machine

 15 Thrusters

7 Pull ups (used green band)

It had been six days since my last run and three weeks since I took my favorite CrossFit Chicks class.  June through August, I am euphoric with my fitness routine.  I work out as often as I want—at least once, sometimes twice each day.

September rolls around and my routine comes to a screeching halt. Oh boy!  Every year I struggle with the change.

October 21st, I am running the half-marathon (13.1 miles) in the annual Atlantic City Marathon.  While I trained hard the entire summer, my schedule tapers off just a month before the race.   My runs are now limited to weekends. I barely go to the gym.  Trying to stay conditioned for the race is the challenge.  I do the best that I can with my schedule.  Although I am not happy, I work with my schedule and fit the workouts in as best I can.

The change in my schedule is because I have returned to work, my son is back in school, he plays football, and hubby’s work schedule has changed.  Homework, practice, and games adversely impact my fitness schedule.

My struggle is the same as other moms.   We are constantly playing the balancing game.  You know, balancing the kids schedule with our own personal want to do’s.

Case in point,   I started this post around three this afternoon.  It is now a little after ten at night and I’m finally getting back to finishing it.  Lol!

Regardless I stay focused on my goal of completing the half-marathon and beating my personal record.  Between now and October 21st, I will work on staying injury free and keeping my body conditioned.

For now—I have to get some much-needed rest.

Sweet dreams!  Good night!



We run because…

“We run, not because we think it is doing us good, but because we enjoy it and cannot help ourselves…The more restricted our society and work become, the more necessary it will be to find some outlet for this craving for freedom. No one can say, ‘You must not run faster than this, or jump higher than that.’ The human spirit is indomitable.”

-Sir Roger Bannister, first runner to run a sub-4 minute mile

I did not feel like running this morning. I wanted to stay in my comfortable bed, snuggled under the covers, to sleep and then to read. I ran anyway.  Why?  Because of several reasons:

  1. I read yesterday’s blog post (to critique it) and the post inspired me to run anyway.
  2. Next week is the beginning of the hectic family routine.  The “routine” limits my  flexibly to run as frequent as I do during the summer.
  3. In October I will run the half-marathon in the 2012 Atlantic City Marathon.  I need to stay conditioned for the run because I want to beat my best time.
  4. A family member invited me over for brunch today–fried fish is on the menu.  Need I say more?

My running stats for the day are:

7.18 Miles
1:09:12 Duration
746 Calories Burned
9:37 Minute/Miles (Pace)

I’m so glad that I ran today and feel better for doing so. I hope that you have a great day!  Remember…keep it moving!

Experimenting With Mini Twist

Run? Write? Read? Clean? Cook? Laundry? Grocery shop?  Work out?   So many tasks.  So little time.  Regardless of which tasks I choose, something will linger around on my to-do list for longer than it should, a reality that I can live with.   

Excluding my recent post that I made in error, it’s been over 30 days since my last real post. According to professional bloggers, I’ve broken a cardinal rule of blogging; post often.  Hopefully, someone out there is waiting to read my next update.  Lol!  I can’t help but to laugh because, while I passionately enjoy writing, it doesn’t pay the bills…   Yet!

Even when I’m not writing, the ideas constantly flurry around in my head. Where do I get the ideas for my topics?  Life in general. Simply going about my day inspires new ideas and topics. 

As time allows I write, but I need to work on scheduling writing time into each day and sticking to that time. Self discipline woman!!

The past month, I’ve committed more time to working out—and now realize that my fitness routine is keeping me away from my writing.  It is time to assess my routine and make appropriate adjustments; align my “want to’s” with my “need to’s”. But isn’t that the struggle of most moms? Always committed to taking care of the family.

Sunday, April 1st, I ran the April Fool’s Run in Atlantic CityI ran the half-marathon, which is 13.1 miles.  While thirteen miles isn’t usually a challenge for me, I was somewhat apprehensive about the run because of my foot injury last summer.  Although my orthopedic sports doctor okayed me to return to running, I was terrified of re-injuring my foot.  The fear was playing with my head and manipulating my training program.

The good news!  I ran!  I Conquered!         Official time: 2:01:37! 

My personal best and… with no foot pain or discomfort!  I really wanted to run over to my doctor and give him a big hug and a kiss. Last summer I doubted his treatment but wisely followed his orders.  Today I am glad that I listened, in spite of the fact that last summer I was strolling around in a two-piece swimsuit and running sneaks (in my back yard)!  I looked crazy and my feet burned from the summer heat.  Not to mention that my family and friends laughed hysterically at my get up.  

Anyway I am delighted because I know for sure that I can run the half in less time. Next on my list?  The Broad Street Run (10 miles) in Philadelphia.

You’ll only find me racing against myself as I work hard to meet new personal and professional challenges. Setting personal and professional goals is key to a persons growth on all levels. Of course goal setting without measurable devices is ineffective.  So establishing a realistic game plan will increase chances of success.

So what’s new? 

My hair!  Lol!  Since my hair is growing like wild weeds, I decided to try something new.   Several naturals on YouTube have inspired me to try mini twists.

After washing my hair with Terresentials Organic Mud Wash and with the intention of doing a two-strand twist for later styling, I twisted my hair in about 10 pieces.  Later after returning home from running a few errands, I decided to convert the 10 twists into mini’s. 

Piece by piece, I separated and divided each twists into smaller ones.  Products used?  ShidaNatural’s Moisturizing Cream/Detangler, ShidaNatural’s Define & Hold Curl Cream Gel, and Naptural85’s inspired homemade creamy Shea butter mix.

This is my hair immediately after I finished twisting.

I don’t like this picture, but need to show you the twists. To me the hair is just okay.  Nothing special.  A little too flat for me.The look will take some getting use to.  My hair is thin, wiry and frizzy.  I’ve gotten use to bigger and fuller hair, so I’m quite feeling this flat look. The positive?  Not having to style my hair every day, especially after an intense work out.

Day two the inquisitive side of me wondered what my skinny little twists would look like if I curled them.  I dampened my hair with a spray bottle of water and moisturized with the Define & Hold Gel and the Shea Butter cream and curled bunches of the twists with the rods.

Before going to bed, I warned my husband that he’d be sleeping with an alien, and  thought, “no romance tonight; we are not going to mess up my potential curls.”

Yikes! A not so looking romantic me.

Foam Rod Curls 3/2012

The above picture was taken four days post foam rods.  Every morning and night, I moisturized with my creamy shea butter cream and covered my hair with a satin cap.  I’m surprised the curls held up.  The curls look fuller and better with each passing day.

There should be one more picture here, but I goofed.

After nine days of wearing my mini twists and after waking up two days ago with every twist going in opposite directions, I had to take them out.  It was quick. In 20 minutes (before going to work), I carefully removed each twist.  My little wavy curls were absolutely adorable!   Curly. Full. Shiny. Bouncy.  Who knew?  I sure didn’t!  A nice surprise.  The end result was well worth all the uncertainty and geekiness that I felt on day one of the mini twists.  Will I do mini twist again?  Absolutely. Practice makes (close to) perfect.

My message to the naturals reading this post… Don’t give up on your journey.  As your hair lengthens, try new styles and techniques. It’s fun and you will be amazed at how your hair responds to a chemical free regime.

Wow! It's growing! I LOVE my natural hair!