No Blurred Lines Here!

Looking at a video of someone performing a wall walk might give you the impression that it’s a relatively easy move to do. Well… It’s not.  The wall walk requires core and upper body strength.

“Holy Cow!”  Was my response after trying it for the first time! Lol! I recall thinking, this is a maneuver that kids should be performing, not a grown ass woman like me.

Wall walks appear in our CrossFit WOD occasionally, but just enough for me to inch my belly button a tad bit closer to the wall each time.

Low and behold, I recently stuck my 40 somethin’ year old belly to the wall!!!!   Hey! Hey! Hey!   You know the tune from Robin Thick’s summer hit, “Blurred Lines.”  Well there ain’t no blurred lines here!!  I did it!

Last week’s WOD included a series of wall walks.  Our instructor, carefully demonstrated the correct technique.  I observed him.  He then asked for volunteers.  A female classmate volunteered.  I closely studied her. I identified with her struggle just to get about a foot from the wall.  The coach complimented her on her effort and recommended that she get as close as possible without compromising form, technique, or safety.  He told us that we’d be performing walk walls in a series of 5-3-1.

He looked at me…. “Wanna try?”  “Sure why not.”

I assume the push up position on the floor and mentally walk through his queues. I take a deep breath and walk my feet up the wall using quick large steps.

Gasping and breathing slowly, I push myself… faster! Faster!  I can hear the coach and others saying, “Keep going!”  I continue to move along and.. what do you know…

Before I know it, I am upright and my damn belly is up against the wall!

I just want to scream like I climbed to the top of a mountain or something!  Before walking down,  I savor the moment and hold the position.  It’s not a dream girl, you finally got up there.  Pinch me!  Lol!

Coming down the wall is like trying to rapidly peddle a bike down a steep hill– It takes control.  Slowly…as slow as I possibly can I walk my feet down the wall to assume the push up position flat on the floor.

I slowly rise.  The instructor says, “Good job!”

My confidence on the day’s WOD shot up 200%!

Here’s the WOD:

400M Run
21 HSPU or 5 wall walks
21 Pull ups

400M Run
15 HSPU or 3 wall walks
15 Pull ups

400 M Run
9 HSPU or 1 wall walks
9 Pull ups

Seriously, whether you workout or not. Recall the feeling of when you accomplished a daunting task that seemed impossible, even though your mission was to make this thing possible, by any means necessary. Awesome feeling right? Yeah, I know. I think I’m addicted to the feeling.

I’ve referenced Henry Ford’s quote before, but he insightful when he said, “whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”  I truly believe that all things are possible. Some dreams take longer to carry out. Other dreams require creativity and slight adjustments to come to fruition, but all are worth the painful tears and grimy sweat.

Today’s WOD

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” 

         -Henry Ford

Warm Up:     Coaches Choice (Which involved 600M of running & more)

Mobility:       6 Min

WOD:             “Row Gone Really Bad”

7 RDS   1 Min AMRAP of Each:

Cal Row + Air Squats 1 Min Rest In Between Each Round

Then Do:

50 DU’s or Jump Tucks
12 Push Press (75/55)
50 ABMAT Sit Ups
40 DU’s or Jump Tucks
15 Push Press (75/55)
30 DU’s or Jump Tucks
9 Push Press (75/55)
30 ABMAT Sit Ups

If you stick with CrossFit long enough, you will make discoveries about yourself.  When hubby texted me the WOD this morning, I didn’t know if I should thank him or fuss. Why? Because I had all day to think about my afternoon challenge.

I looked at the WOD and fell out laughing.  I sat at my desk and loudly repeated, “Really?  OMG!  Really?” and continued laughing aloud.  My colleague in the next office must have thought I lost my mind, but I wasn’t ready for this one.

As confident as I am about my abilities, even I had doubts about this WOD.  We all tend to do this at one time or another, which is so bad.  We mentally count ourselves out before we even give it a try.

As I mentally prepped for the afternoon, I knew one fact…  I needed to drink some coffee before this WOD.  Yeah, I know… this wasn’t the best option, but at 2:45 p.m., I saw no other options.

The coffee helped… the caffeine kicked in just in time for the 7 rounds of rowing and air squats.

I focused.

I breathed.

I finished!!!!!

Sweet Dreams.