Clearly it’s been a minute since I’ve posted.   Any he-how… this is a quick one.  Guilt from infrequent posts have led me to blog this morning.


Obviously this is not the most inspiring or effective writer’s space, but it’s where I’m currently blogging –folding clothes–supervising my son who is supposed to be sorting through his toys (like I’m supposed to be doing laundry)—washing clothes—poppin my fingers and shaking my booty to Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love”.   Hubby surprised me with tickets to see Beyonce’s, Mrs. Carter’s show last night!  I had a blast; Mrs. Carter did her thang!





Why haven’t I posted?   Simply because the past month, I’ve either procrastinated, became distracted by CrossFit, floating in my pool, attending to sleep needs, and enjoying the blazin 90+ degree temps at the Jersey Shore.   All equates to falling off the wagon of discipline.

The truth is that as a working mother of a young child and wife of 25-years, at the end of the grinding school year I need a break.  I need and use the first month of my summer vacation to unwind and re-charge.  The rule is:

     Do whatever I feel like doing.

Eleven months out of the year, I  run a tight ship playing a plethora of roles, so it won’t kill my family when I slack on everything for a month…or so.

As a little girl, mom taught me how to fold linen... very nicely.

As a little girl, mom taught me how to fold linen… very nicely.

Sorting laundry

Sorting laundry

Just a few of many toys.... YIkes!!
Just a few of many toys…. Yikes!

They're cute but must go!

The bugs on the wall are cute but must go!

My son’s bedroom is overdue for a remodel.   Check out the bug theme!! LOL!!  At soon-to-be 11, I think…    Ah… I know that he’s outgrown the theme.  I don’t even want his friends going to his room for fear of them laughing at his “kiddy” themed room.

This morning is the start of sorting through old and broken toys.  Some we’ll give away, others will be trashed.

I really must go now but wish you a FABULOUS Friday and thanks so much for visiting!

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