Simplicity In 2015



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Keeping life simple in 2015 is my theme for the year.  I cannot be bothered with another New Year’s Resolution that bites the dust by St. Patty’s Day, if not sooner.

It’s a little past 7 O’clock p.m. on New Year’s day and the hoopla of the holidays are over. Already I’m in bed relishing in the warmth of an electric blanket.

Since hubby is not home, B’Dazzle wanted to join me in bed and under the warm blanket. I thought he’d want to play a game or watch a movie, that is not the case.  He wants to simply enjoy the warmth of the blanket next to mom.  🙂  I just had to snatch my phone and get this picture.

Tailor electric blanketInstead of getting all complicated and deep with this post, I am keeping it simple and am sharing a few of my favorite “simplicity” images.



apoorve dubey i like simple making the simple secret of happines SIMPLICITY10 there is beauty through simplicity why complicate life

This one is my favorite!  Words to live by.

Happy New Year!! 🙂

The Morning After


Happy Friday! It is the day after and the hype of the Christmas holiday is over.

I’m chillin big time this morning and I am also feeling unusually sluggish. Ugh!  Yesterday I indulged in crap that I don’t normally eat (mac & cheese, apple pie, and cookies) and… I sipped on two drinks (vodka with a splash of mango grapefruit juice).

My body is not used to the sugar, white flour, cheese, and stuff, so I am not feeling my normal energized bunny rabbit self. 😦

Between the diet and all the running around, I decided to rest this morning. I don’t think a gym workout would have been best.

This morning my heart is full of joyous memories from spending the day with my family and friends. The joy and the love I feel on Christmas is priceless and has nothing to do with receiving gifts.

Quality time with my family and friends, laughing, playing games, watching movies, and getting up-to-speed on everyone’s’ life is heart warming. Images of genuine smiles and twinkling eyes are priceless!

My favorite moment was the look on my mom and my aunts faces when they each received a copy of their own photo book. The photo book was 21 pages of unseen photos of the grands, great grands, nieces, and nephews.

The remaining aunts ( 6 of 9) are well over age 70 and are not on any of the social networks.  The younger generations often share photos and events online, but the elders don’t get to see them, so we put them together in a book.  Their ooh’s and ah’s were the highlight of my day. Absolutely priceless!

The past few weeks were hectic but worthwhile, so I thought I’d share some of those moments with you. 🙂

What’s next?  Something I rarely get to do.. a midday nap!

Enjoy the day! 🙂


Random Cuteness

IMG_7254B’Dazzle is so handsome and is proudly wearing his first genuine leather men’s coat today!  My baby is growing up!

Saturday this fierce little dude held it down in his position as nose-guard for our township’s Junior Varsity Football Team!  He is lean, well-defined, weighs 86 pounds, and 4’9″ inches tall… And strong as a bull. It takes two and sometimes three football players on the defenders offensive line to stop him.  Saturday’s game was a good one, but his team, the Eagles came out on top with a win of 14-12.  Yay!!!

Who says size matter?  Haha! Athleticism is much to do about heart, will, determination, dedication, and drive….  He’s got all that and then some!

Did I mention that he eats all kinds of veggies, including the one’s most kids love to hate like spinach, zucchini, and asparagus?  When he’s in the kitchen with me, raw onions, garlic, and colored peppers are his favorite snacks.  Is his unusual strength genetics?  I don’t know, but I know that good nutrition in kids matter too.  The earlier you start most kids on veggies, the greater the chances they will eat more of them.

Happy Monday; I hope it was a good one!  🙂