Sacrificing More

In October when I started my training, I firmly decided that Sunday would be my rest day.  A career, B’Dazzle’s football and basketball schedules, football camp combined with a house, wife duties and… oh yeah, me time has me rising early six days a week. One day of rest isn’t asking for too much.

Today that changed. Why? Because it is time for me to step up my game; I need to get in as much gym time as humanly possible.

Just because I have already made sacrifices, does not mean that, more sacrifices cannot be made.

How badly do you want this?  I asked myself.  Really bad! What are you willing to give up?  Umm…  Sundays and then some!

And so at 7 o’clock this morning, I tip toed out of the house and I strolled into the gym.  Bright eyed and bushy-tailed?  Not exactly.  But alert, coherent, and determined.

Day Light Savings Time stole an hour from me this morning.  I didn’t appreciate it, but got over it.

The workout started with posing practice in the fitness room.  Hard wood floors and wall-to-wall mirrors help me to get acclimated with 5-inch heels and to get acquainted with popping muscles.

Posing is exhausting.  For me to look like a natural on stage, I must practice… A LOT!     Pose in the morning, pose in the kitchen, pose in the bathroom, pose EVERYWHERE!

Last week while buzzing around the kitchen before work, I slipped on my 5-inch stilettos.

My competition shoe

My competition shoe

My thinking is, if I walk in the shoes enough at home and at the gym, by show time, they should feel like slippers and I ought to be quite comfortable. I wear heels, but never this high.

Today was leg day and I worked hard at dead lifts, squats, lunges, and more.  Three sets of sitting leg presses at 420 pounds has my legs feeling dogged tired.

I’m off to bed now so that tomorrow I awake feeling refreshed and rested. After work, it’s straight to the gym for another day of exceeding my expectations.

“Bodybuilding is much like any other sport.  To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet, and mental approach.”

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Sweet dreams!

Leg day… Week 17

[groo-uh-ling, groo-ling]

1. exhausting; very tiring; arduously severe: the grueling Boston marathon
2. any trying or exhausting procedure or experience.

G R U E L I N G!!     Is the only way to describe yesterday’s leg workout   All of the exercises, or shall I say the “amount of weight,” made for a profusely nitty-gritty, and nasty workout.

If I had to pinpoint which exercise took me over the edge…  I’d have to say the seated leg presses tops the list.

I did:

  • Three (3) rounds each starting at 270+   (Six 45 pounds weights, three on each side,  plus the weight of the equipment)
  • 6-8 Reps.  After a set is completed, I pause for a second (literally) and one (1) weight is removed…  On to the next 6-8 counts, then another weight is removed…
  • …the process continues until I am pressing with only the weight of the machine

At any moment, I expected my hamstrings to explode.  With pure ugliness on my face, all the willpower and determination I could muscle up, and with my friend’s encouragement, I did it!

I barely stood up…  feeling like big foot had risen again!!  I could only feebly wobble a few steps before gaining composure.  Lol!!   My “friend” kicked my butt yesterday.  Did I say “friend?”  Lol!

Umm … what else?  My first time using the HOIST!!   If you ask me, the “Beast” is a better suited name for this equipment.  Don’t let the smooth and sleek look of it fool you; it will work your gluts very well.


While I’d I’d like to post videos of my workouts, my friend and trainer is all about business. Just putzing around for an extra few seconds will get me dirty looks.  If I take time to snap snap or shoot a video, I can’t even begin to imagine what she will have me doing.  Take for example, if I let a weight down too quickly– the rep doesn’t count… do it again!

I respect her knowledge and commitment toward my goal and cannot ask for any more from her.  So for now, I will have to tell you about my workouts.

Last weeks Barbell Squats to a Bench had my hamstrings and gluts aching for nearly a week.  Yesterday we, I mean “I” did deeper squats down to a stepper with four risers on each side.  We’re— why do I keep saying, “We?”   Lol!  I do about three sets of everything.  Heavier weights nets eight reps; a tad bit lighter nets 12 reps.  Either case, with each rep, I’m pushing harder.

I am stretched out in the bed now, resting my achy muscles and trying to finish today’s one gallon water bottle.  I started out strong at work, but then slowed down around 5 p.m.

Today's water consumption progress.

Today’s water consumption progress.

B’Dazzle’s school had a mandatory parent meeting at 6 p.m., So I slowed up on the water because I didn’t want to keep jumping up and down to go to the bathroom. Workout days are easy to drink water than rest days. The frigid temperatures here in Jersey does not entice me to drink water. Every day I force myself to chug it down.

I’m looking forward to a few heat waves this summer.  Give me steamy hot weather any day. This cold weather stinks. And I’m going to sleep.

Sweet dreams!