Hump Day Hurdles

8/21/13 WOD
Warm Up:   Run 100M, Toy Soldier, Run 100 M, 20 Push Ups, Run 100 M

SWOD/Mobility: 4 RDS 1 Min AMRAP of HSPU (Hand Stand Push Ups) or        Kipping HSPU Practice Mixed with Scheduled 1 Min Mobility

Then Do:  3 RDS For Time:
3 Turkish Getups
3 Strict Hanging Leg Raises (N/S Legs Straight)
2 Wall Walks
200M Run
WOD: 3 RDS For Time:
35 Wall Balls
25 Toes To Bar
15 Pull Ups

Seriously this was torture!  Last summer was the first time I ever heard of a wall walk, let alone try one.  Today… I DID wall walks!!   Heeeey!!

My two greatest hurdles today were wall Walks and the three rounds of 35 Wall Balls, but neither exercise stopped me.  I pushed… pushed some more… and pushed again until the clock stopped.

I am praying for leg work tomorrow, but will take on whatever challenge that awaits me.


This Workout Was Grueling!


Today's WOD

Warm Up:      400 M Run
Mobility:     6 Mins
SWOD:         6 Mins To Warm Up to First Set of Back Squats Going EOM
              OTM 1 – 82.5% for 5 Reps
              OTM 3 – 82.5% for 5 Reps
              OTM 5 – AMRAP
Then Do:      2 Min Transition
EMOM For 10 Mins 2 Squat Hang Clean + 1 Split Jerk
WOD:          4 RDS: 2 Min AMRAP of
                     6 Thrusters + 6 Burpees Over Bar
                     Rest 2 Min    RX (95/65)

Yesterday, a couple of hours after the WOD, I ran 5 miles. Today, I sat my behind down!  The leg work was grueling.  LOL!

After I recovered, hubby and I finished painting our son’s bedroom walls.  Thankfully tomorrow we have only trim work to do and the paint project will be complete.  Yay!

Oh and the quote, I absolutely love, which I borrowed from Pinterest.   The next time you grab to eat something Fast, Easy, Cheap, or Fake, think twice about it.