Approaching The Finish-line


“You hit home runs not by chance, but by preparation.”

– Roger Maris
Major league outfielder

Four days remain and I am going strong!!

My meals for today?  Same as yesterday.

Lol! It’s a mental thing right now.

I LOVE chicken! The kale and collard blend really is a treat. ūüėú


Yesterday after work, I practiced posing, did a little total body (except for legs), and 30 minutes of constant cardio.  Today is pretty much a repeat of yesterday.  By the way, I dropped one (1) pound.

Have an awesome day!

Kickin It Up A Notch

I’m three months into my training, which puts me half way to the ANBF New Jersey Natural Pro-Am Classic VIII.

What has surprised me the most? ¬†Don’t laugh but… ¬†I’ve hung out with my crew of 10 several times since the New Year and effortlessly declined a glass or two of Cabernet Sauvignon and a few other tempting liquid deserts. The hot wings, seafood pasta salad, and few other delicious and high calorie foods didn’t tempt me, but the wine did!

Tis the season for a sizzling fireplace as the backdrop for an oversized ruby stained goblet.  During the blazin heat, the pool keeps me smiling. Throughout the brutally cold winter, every evening possible, I snuggle up closely to the fireplace with a glass of my favorite wine and enjoy some quiet time.

To show my absolute best for the competition, I knew that at some point in my training, that I would need to temporarily break away from my favorite treat. ¬†I thought it would be hard, but it hasn’t been. Why? Because I am focused. ¬† When I commit to anything, I set aside my doubts and ride it out. I am willing to do whatever is necessary to put out my¬†best.

I don’t want to look back after the event and emotionally or mentally have to deal with “I wish I had… blah…blah…blah…” ¬†I have excellent help in preparing for the competition, so I have no excuse. ¬†No excuses!

After a couple of months of grinding it out at the gym, it’s time to kick things up a notch. ¬†I need to elevate my glove game.

Now that I’m lifting heavier, when I’m doing shoulders, back, and a few other exercises, I lose grip. ¬†Either I’m slipping or I can feel the bar slipping from my hands. ¬†Not good!

These gloves aren't holding up for heavier weights.  I've had them for at least 15 years.  Lol!

These gloves aren’t holding up for heavier weights. I’ve had them for at least 15 years. Lol!

The scientology of the hands in weight lifting is more intricate than I realized.  Look at this:

Source:  Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc via Versa Gripps

Source: Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc via Versa Gripps

The bones, tendons, and arteries that compromise the hands are fragile.  Good support can prevent injuries, but also improve focus and performance.  Check out The Science Behind Versa Gripps.

Anyways, I am excited because yesterday my new Versa Gripps Pro weight lifting gloves arrived!!  Check them out!

Yay!!! ¬†I am so excited and can’t wait to use them this week. ¬†Yesterday was also leg day. ¬†Through years of running and a good six months of CrossFit has made my legs rather strong. ¬†Further strengthening these muscles means greater intensity.

Well…. this morning I am feeling it!! ¬† My gluts (a**) and hamstrings are so sore and tight, I feel like somebody’s grand momma! ¬†Lol! ¬† ¬†When I go to stand, it’s not happening as quickly as I think it should. ¬†I’m movin’ in super sloooow motion! ¬† But, that’s what we want… ¬†progress baby!!!

Image courtesy of sixpackfactory

Image courtesy of sixpackfactory

My schedule this week may only get me to the gym one day for weight training, which means, I’ll be doing CrossFit for at least two days. I’m cool with that… actually I’m happy because I like to get at least one day of CF in. ¬† I’ll be sure to post the WOD’s.

Curiosity has me wondering if or how my CF performance will be affected this week.  Time will tell.

Okay; it’s food prep time. ¬†Until later!¬†Happy Sunday and make it a great day!

Image courtesy of fitfabcities

Image courtesy of fitfabcities

Conditions For Success… One Rep At A Time

If you are serious about your goals, drop the conditions.  Go directly to your goal.  Be your goal.

Be your goal! Conditions often disguise strategies for escaping accountability.  Why not just take charge and create the experience you are looking for.

Eric Allenbaugh

By 7:45 this morning, I was well rested and warming up on the treadmill. Coasting along at 3.5 mph I hum and sing along to the music pumping into my ears. Give or take about 15 fellow gym rats ran on the tread, glided on an elliptical, or banged out weights to their maximum ability.

Anticipating¬†today’s work out stirred me. For nearly three months, we’ve yet to repeat a routine, and that’s so cool. The routine is always a surprise–I only know that the routine will be increasingly challenging.

Within 30 minutes, my biceps and triceps “felt like fire running through my veins.” ¬†That’s what my friend and trainer told me my arms would feel like. ¬†She was right! ¬†Some of the sets that flamed my muscles were:

The burning, the aching, and the explosive muscle stinging is necessary for muscle growth.  During the lifting phase of strength training, the muscles tear and are broken down.  Proper nutrition and rest allows the muscles to repair and grow.

Hallelujah! ¬†It’s not easy, but I’m finally meeting my daily calorie goals. I forced this plate of food (dinner) down tonight because I cannot skip a meal. ¬†I’ve gotta eat.

6 oz. chicken breast, 1 cup of white sweet potatoes, 1 cup of leafy frozen spinach

6 oz. chicken breast, 1 cup of white sweet potatoes, 1 cup of leafy frozen spinach

The LIVESTRONG application is helpful.

Because of my high metabolism, my daily calorie goal is 2000 - 2400

Because of my high metabolism, my daily calorie goal is 2000 – 2400

I got my hands on some fabric samples for my competition suit. ¬†The vivid colors and the soft fabric are beautiful! ¬†I have no idea what color suit I’ll be wearing, but I do know that it will be bright. ¬†I love bright colors and they look stunning against my dark tanned skin.


There’s just so much to think about. ¬†I know that schedule wise, I’m on track, but I’m a planner and will not¬†satisfied until all the pieces are in place.

One day at a time and one rep at a time puts me one step closer to my goal.

Enjoy your weekend!



Good morning! I am in the car (hubby is driving) on my way to Atlantic City to run the Half-Marathon.

I am filled with anticipation. Lol! I know it was just last week that i ran a little further, but running it with fellow athletes makes the run more enjoyable.

I am fueled up and rested and eager to get started. Wish me luck.!


“Notes For Success”

It is said that, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So is this sketch. I cannot pin point the moment when I realized my desire to find my passion and to live my life with a purpose; it just occurred and I found myself in the mist trying to discover my passions. No longer driven to seek promotions for the honor of an impressive job title or increased salary, my thinking shifted and since that time, each day I work harder to take one or two steps closer to meet my personal and professional goals. Although the sketch looks relatively informal and simple, it is full of courageous but necessary actions that we should consider to find success. I just had to share Gary Vaynerchuck’s “Notes For Success” with you. Enjoy and please share this, especially with the children in your life.

Thank you June E.!

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Post Broad Street Run

The is the front of the line where the 4 minute milers are positioned. Yes! That read 4 minute milers! Lol!

I ran! I conquered!¬† At least that‚Äôs how I feel.¬†Lol! ¬†After a much-needed warm and bubbly bath, my feet are propped up on the sofa.¬† My son is hypnotized by his Nintendo 3DS game, while my hubby and my daughter are getting their sleep on.¬† I thought I‚Äôd be sleep, but I‚Äôm not sleepy‚Ķ yet.Truly blessed is how I feel.¬† After getting about 4 ¬Ĺ hours of sleep, my hubby, daughter and son got up at 5:00 a.m. today to go with me one hour away to Philadelphia for the run.¬† I was dropped off near the start of the run and they set off to park and to coax our son on to take part in the kids events.¬† He did not participate.¬† It was probably too early for him.¬† What I love most about running events is that there is an abundance of comradely. Runners of all age, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, social status, income, and physical ability all come out.¬† Most are supportive and encouraging.¬†

Along the course, I saw a young mom pause from running to bottle feed her baby in¬†a jogger’s¬†stroller.¬† Not even an infant prevented her from partaking in the annual run.¬† If she can do this, surely anyone can.

  A healthy life style is a conscious decision. 

Confinement to a wheel chair hasn’t stopped this participant!

You choose to participate. Runners of all shapes sizes and ability run the course.¬† The time on the official clock is of no importance to the average runner.¬† What ultimately matters about time is that living a healthy lifestyle may add to one‚Äôs life. I said, ‚Äúmay.‚Ä̬† I know that only life and death are guaranteed.

Mom loathes when I speak of a healthy lifestyle.  She is quick to name those who ate well, never smoked, and exercised yet died from cancer or another terminal illness.  I also point out the data that supports the principles of maintaining a fit régime, but it doesn’t matter. 

I believe that to change our perspective we must be open to new ideas.  If we’re not open to new viewpoints, then no amount of data or persuasion can adjust a person’s thinking.  I accept that and stop trying to convince her to take better care of herself.  She believes that at 78 no one can change.  That is her truth, which I now respect.

Most runners set personal goals.¬† Perhaps complete the race because it is their first run.¬† Possibly run the entire event versus a walk-run.¬† I try to improve my time but regardless, I am overjoyed at completing another organized running event and wish that I could bottle the feeling for other days that are more challenging.¬† What’s next?¬† I don’t know, but more running for sure.¬† I also want complete a mud run and a triathlon. Don’t they sound like fun?¬† Lol!

Here are more pictures from the Broad Street Run.

Okay so if you are incredibly fast, you do receive special treatment. No!! I am not nor have I ever been considered an “√©lite runner!” Behind the sign was a tent that looked like it had food and beverages…most importantly, a bathroom that did not have a long line.

Dozens of portable potty’s service thousands of non-elite runners. Thankfully, I had my own tissues.. there weren’t any in my potty. The potty was well stocked with hand sanitizer. I hope that everyone used it. Hmm…

Lol! I am standing in the grey corral waiting for the race to start. There are just as man runners in line behind me. It took my group nearly 20 minutes to get to the official start line. I felt a little like herded cattle.

Me and Amy Buckman posing at the front of the runner’s line. I also wanted to take a picture with CecilyTynan, but I think she was hiding from me. One of my friends probably told her that I was looking for her. Six ABC News is my favorite news station.

I picked up my race packet on Friday. This is near the beginning of the line! The line moved quickly though.

If you haven’t participated in a run or run/walk event, I suggest that you give it a try.¬† You will love the feel of accomplishment when you complete the event.

Although I feel short of my goal, I finished the run and I am happy!

This is me before the run. I dressed really bright so that my family could easily spot me.

I finished in 1:32:45
Pace:  9:17 minute/mile
Time of arrival: 10:26:45

Keep it movin!