Falling In Love

I have fallen in love with baking my vegetables!!  It’s so much easier than cooking stove top.  Since veggies cook slower in the oven, the process of standing over the pot and tossing them around, when I’m multi-tasking, is a pain in the…

This is my first time “baking” or “roasting” broccoli, but I’m confident they will taste great just like the cabbage, brussels sprouts, carrots, zucchini, and green beans.  🙂  I minced up several cloves of garlic, added olive oil, and granulated garlic powder. It’s in the oven now baking at 350. Baked covered for about 40 minutes. I am using frozen broccoli, so it may take longer.


With 21 days left til I walk on stage again for my second figure competition, I struggle to get everything crossed off my to do list.  Heck.. today, I can’t even find my book that has my lists. Ugh!!

These days, I’m trying to keep meals for me and my family as simple as possible. Later, I’ll share my other baked veggie recipes.

This morning I did legs, but here’s a video of me doing one of my favorite back exercises (Bent Over Two-Arm Long Bar Row) from another day.

For best results, you MUST do each exercise properly. This video is the correct way to do this exercise.  My friend stopped me three times before I did it right. That’s what you want… trust me!

If you’re new to weight training, hook up with an experienced, ethical, and knowledgable personal trainer. They will teach you the right way.  Anything other than that will have you disappointed and frustrated with your results.

I hope you enjoyed your day. 🙂

Making The Protein Connection

How do I look like you?  I want my arms like yours?  What do I have to do? These are just a few of the questions I am constantly asked.

If you are starting a fitness program, especially one involving weight training, you need to get the scoop on the importance of protein intake.

You want ripped abs?  Ladies – you want to the confidence to go sleeveless and wear your arms out right?  To accomplish this, there are three basic essentials that you MUST do.

  1. Start weight training
  2. Eat lean and clean
  3. Consume more protein

Here’s an easy read article I found on Muscle & Fitness that will give you a simple explanation of why protein is important to building muscle.

8 Things You Should Know About Protein

Making the choice of which whey protein to take is overwhelming.  There are so many. Finding the right one for you is tricky.  Based on my fitness goals (figure competition), my trainer recommended Optimum Gold Standard 100% Natural Whey, which is working for me.

Since starting this protein, I’ve read many articles comparing protein supplements and recommend you do the same.  A good source to start reading is at BodyBuilding.com. Go to the supplementation page and there are endless articles.  Take your time reading through them.

If you’re working with a personal trainer, ask your trainer or an experienced fitness expert at your local gym for recommendations. I buy my protein at The Vitamin Shoppe, but there are other sites like eBay where it you buy it for cheaper. However, if you visit a store who sells supplements, a knowledgable staff member can help you.

Before deciding, consider your health and any dietary restrictions such as gluten, dairy and other allergies. If you take medication, always check with your doctor first.

Once you decide, buy small first. If you like it, can digest it, and it works for you, then buy a larger size.

Happy Monday and Keep it movin!  🙂