Summer Fitness Fun

Fitness should not be boring and mundane.  Staying in shape is about having fun and finding creative ways to workout.

By now, everyone should know to take the stairs instead of elevators or escalators, but it goes further than that.

Hubby worked today so it was only me and B’Dazzle.  After an hour of football camp, we played in the backyard. Listening to my favorite summer getaway tunes,  Shaggy, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Straight No Chaser, I’m Yours/Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and whatever else Pandora came up with, we left the state.  Ha! Ha!! Metaphorically speaking of course. LOL!

Complete relaxed and thankful at the same time.

Completely relaxed and thankful at the same time.

photo (2)

We floated in the pool for bit then move to intense water gun and super soaker water fights.  My demise came with bat mitten.  After both of us missing the ball way too many times, we upped the ante.

These babies did me in with pushups.

These babies did me in with push ups.

Whoever missed a “catchable” ball/mitt had to do 10 push ups at the command of the other.  I was certain that my son would be doing more push ups!  Ha!  The joke was on me. His hand-eye coördination is better than he let on.  I found myself kissing the grass doing push ups at his command.

Up! Down! Up! Down! Don’t come up until I tell you too!

I stopped counting at 50!!  Lol!  He reminded me that that’s how it’s done in football.

Me:  I’m mom!

B’Dazzle:  Oh well, that’s how it’s done in football!!

He took great pride in standing over me counting.  So while he got to shout orders at mom, I got some exercise in too.  Lol! Had a blast with him out back.

photo 1 (1) copy

Enjoying a bag of Doritos.  Yuck!

Think fun and don’t take it so serious.

Speaking of fun, today I made one my favorite summer cocktails.

photo 2 (1)

I know the glass could have been nicer, but I needed a cup that would be stable while floating in the pool.

Mango Smoothie

1 cup of frozen mango
2 shots of Tequila
2 shots of Grand Mariner
splash of sweet and sour
1/2 cup or so of crushed ice

Combine ingredients in a smoothie cup.  Blend and serve in your favorite glass. Garnish with a strawberry and enjoy!

This is not a low-calorie drink, but I’m human and occasionally treat myself.  I floated in the pool while enjoying my frozen treat.

I hope you enjoyed your day.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday’s WOD

Warm Up:  3 RDS of

50 DU’s (Double Under’s)/100 Singles

10 Push Ups

15 Sit Ups

Mobility:  7 MIN


5-10 Pull UPS + 10 Air Squats

WOD:    10 RDS

Row 40 SEC     *10 SEC Transition

Hollow Rocks/Sit Ups 40 SEC

These days, any day that I can do a CrossFit class is an added bonus. When I normally take  CrossFit classes several days a week, I usually schlep into the 3:30 class wishing I’d stopped by Wawa for a 12 ounce cup of Joe, but not today.  I was ready for whatever was in store for me.

No weight lifting was included in today’s WOD.  On the white board, the WOD looked easy. Ha! Ha!  I know better!  The coach’s instructions were:

“If you use bands for your pull up’s, challenge yourself by using a thinner band.”

I did just that. The first minute, I knocked out 10 pull ups, the second minute 9, the remaining eight minutes, I literally squeezed out four or five for each minute and I used a thin blue band. I’m happy!

I’ve missed rowing terribly, so when I sat down on the equipment, I could have stayed there for the rest of the WOD.

The greatest challenge for me? Hollow Rocks!  Hollow Rocks!  They were horrible.  I tried to conquer the Hollow Rocks, but today they got the best of me.  Lol!  Next time HR’s!!

Ten minutes from now, the 11:00 O’Clock news will be on. I’m exhausted.  If we get the snow and ice forecasted, I could get the chance to sleep in late tomorrow.  But I can’t be certain now so I’m going to sleep. When the alarm clock goes off at 4:40 a.m., I’d like to be some what coherent.

Good Night!

Priorities With Anne Marie

Buy In:   Run 400 m

WOD:    “Anne Marie”

50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10

Wall Ball

DU’s or sub 1/2 rep count of Box jumps (20″)

Between each round do: 1 Rd of Cindy

5 pull ups

10 push ups,

15 Air squats

Buy out:  Run 400 m For time

Once again I ended my week with a relaxing and much-needed massage.  Meditative harmonies playing in the background, while hot oils and stones softened my skin and soothed my aching muscles.  For a moment, I contemplated skipping the 4:30 p.m. CrossFit class, but I knew that was the WRONG thing to do.

Last Saturday, my son’s JV football team won a big game against a neighboring tough playing team. The win was bitter-sweet.   Translation– Another week of football practice in bone chilling temps (I hate the cold) and trying to squeeze everything else in.  For most of this week, I felt like I was literally hanging on by a thread.

Though I was off over the weekend, it sure didn’t feel like it.  I did the usual, shop and cook for the upcoming week.  Meanwhile, dustballs have their way throughout my house.  For now, the dustballs can have their way.

Working with my trainer on the day our schedules harmonize, taking CrossFit on the other days, getting to B’Dazzle’s football practice, taking care of homework, home, and trying to repeat the cycle Monday to Friday is all that I can handle.  I realize that I am not superwoman and I am not trying to be her.

Throughout the year priorities change.  For now, they’re in the right order. I love my family, but I refuse to put my life on hold for everyone else in our household.  I am a happy soul and the key to maintaining the happiness is to “do me”  while handling family business.

Finally in my possession are the names of two house cleaners. Tomorrow I’m giving them a call.  Hopefully, by Thanksgiving week one of them will available to make my house sparkle again.

I followed through and took “Anne Marie.”  I am overjoyed because I finally completed multiple rounds of pull ups with a thinner and less resistant blue band!  Hey! Hey! Hey!  Though it was only four rounds of five pull ups, I actually did all of them!  Fair well green band?  Maybe!  LOL!

I completed the WOD in: 21:54

Buyout Run 400 M. (parking lot): 1 min. 35 seconds

What a fabulous way to end the work week!   Though I’ll be hitting the gym to work my back and arms tomorrow morning, y’all have a fabulous weekend!

Say WOD?


At school today, every time a student or colleague asked, “What’s today’s date?”  I eagerly responded, “11-12-13” and chuckled.  I know– corny! LOL!   Little did I know how much counting I would do later this afternoon.

Gingerly I stroll into CrossFit. I glance to my left to casually read the WOD, hand written on the white board, and stop dead in my tracks. To clarify what I think I just read, I move closer re-read the board.  Mmm… the numbers didn’t change.  Oh my! How on earth am I going to do all that?

“Angie” had been waiting for me all day. What the heck!?  Really??  All in one day?  “Angie” is the WOD (workout of the day)

WOD:   Angie

100 Pull ups

100 Push ups

100 Sit ups

100 Air Squats

*You cannot move on to the next exercise until you complete 100 of the first exercise and so on.

A green band assisted me with the 100 pull ups.  After that, the WOD was all about my will and my desire to finish.  My classmates moved faster than me, but I focused on my counts, my form, and just finishing the WOD.  I was the last woman standing.  Seriously, as I started my sit ups, they (2 women and 3 men) were finished and had moved on to cooling down and stretching.  Steadily I focused on finishing.

The best way to complete a WOD like this is to break each exercise into sets of 10.  Pause and do 10 more and so on.  It reminds me, of my approach to running long distance. You focus on each step, then each mile and before you know it, you’ve reached your distance goal of 10 miles or whatever your goal is.

I completed the WOD in 25:39!    Until we meet again Angie!

This One Was Hell!


Warm Up/Mobility (16 Min Cap)

2 Rds: Run 200 M + 20 Rockers + 20 Supermans + 20 Sec. Shoulder Hold w/PVC

2 Rds: 20 KB Snatch + Lunge (10L/10R) + 40 Sec. Hold

2 Rds: 20 Sit ups + 20 Wallballs (10/14) + 20 Sec. Hold Squat Therapy w/Med Ball


3 Rds: 30 Secs on 30 Secs of Rest Of

Strict HSPU or Incline /L Seat Push Ups

3 Rds:

30 Secs on 30 Secs of Rest Of:

Kipping HSPU 1 Min Rest/Transition

2 Rds: AMRAP Strict T2B or windshield Wipers


10 Burpee Wall Ball (14/20)  Over Pull Up Bar + 50 Du’s or Jump Tucks + run 600 M

20 Burpee Wall ball (14/20)  Over Pull Up Bar + 40 DU’s or Jump Tucks + run 400 M

30 Burpee Wall ball (14/20) Over Pull Up Bar  + 30 DU’s or Jump Tucks + run 200 M

40 Burpee Wall ball (14/20) Over Pull Up Bar +  20  DU’s or Jump Tucks + run 100 M

Buyout: 40 V-Ups W/Weight (14/20)

I’ll be straight up with you.

This workout was pure hell and kicked my butt!

Did I finish?  Nope!  I ran out of time on #27 of the 30 burpee wall balls.   I felt like I did them all.    LOL!  The jump tucks did me in.  LOL!  Some WODS you enjoy.  While others you hope to NEVER see again.  This WOD I can live without ever seeing or doing again.

Though the WOD was tough, just like any other day, when I glanced around the room and witness everyone pushing beyond their limits, the culmination of energy is inspiring.  I have to keep pushing.  Giving up is not an option.

Seriously, it’s late and I gotta stretch out…


Tuesday’s WOD

Warm Up:       2 RDS   200m Run, 10 Push Ups, 20 Air Squats, 30 Push Ups

Mobility:         6 MINS

SWOD:            Back Squat:   5 MIN To Find 5 RM Then For 3 MINS   3 Reps Every 30 Secs, Last Set AMRAP

WOD:              OTM 1:   2 Tire Jumps + 2 Tire Flips + 2X Sled Push (Up & Back)

                        OTM 2:    2 Rope Climbs or 12 Chin Ups, 100 M Run

                        OTM3:      OH Lunge 45/25 10 L/10R

Exhausted and wiped out pretty much sums up my post workout mode. Even after the warm up and the stretching, I still felt tight and wanted to take a two-mile run to loosen up.

I think if  I had done this WOD at 9:30 a.m.,  throughout the workout, I would have felt more energized.   Overall I actually enjoyed the workout, especially the Tire Jumps, Tire Flips, and Sled Push.  We did those outside and the cool breeze hitting my face sustained me  enough to move to the next exercise.  

My goal this week is to attend CrossFit at least four (4) days this week; two down, two more to go.  After CrossFit, I watched my son’s football practice from the sidelines.  It was frigid .  I swear it felt like late October or early November.

The cold temps depleted my remaining energy, so I am going to bed now.

Sweet dreams!