Taking The Edge Off


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WOD (Workout of the day)

Run 2200M

21 Wall Balls (20/14)

21 T2B

Run 2000M

15 Wall Balls

15 T2B

Run 1000M

9 Wall Balls

9 T2B

From the second I discovered the day’s WOD, I experienced an enormous rush!    In double time, my pulse raced, as did the blood through my veins. Thump…da…thump…da…thump…da…thump…and so on…   Off and on throughout day, the image of the run streamed through my mind.

I asked myself, not really caring for an answer,

“Am I normal?”  “Is it normal to be hopeful for a rigorous, physically challenging activity that I know is going to sap every ounce of energy from my body?”   I don’t know.  I only know that I love the feeling!

It’s been about two weeks since I ran and I’ve been feeling very edgy for a relaxing 10-mile run.   I am a non-smoker, but feel like my intense craving to run is similar to a smoker’s crave for nicotine.  I need just one more to take the edge off.

This month, I started training for a fitness competition in 2014.   To sculpt my body, the training will require more weight lifting but less distance running.   A maximum of three miles, no more than two to three days per week is my limit.

To come to terms with the shift in my new workout regimen, I feel the need to take one more long run until I can get back to it next summer.   I think today’s WOD may have fixed this for me.  LOL!

The WOD was challenging, but I enjoyed the test.  I used the 10-pound ball and did the knees-to-chest exercise instead of the toes-to-bar exercise.  I’m working on those, but not yet.

I completed the WOD in 33:23.   Was this my best?   For today… Yes.  For tomorrow…Absolutely Not!  LOL!  Gotta keep pushing!

Enjoy your weekend!

Feverishly Waiting For Thursday

The body Achieves


5 Rounds 1 Min AMRAP Each- Cal Row

– KBS (55/35)

– Burpees

– Situps

– Dips (Power Monkey or box)

Rest 1 Min

Today was my Monday of CrossFit.  I hate that!    Frustrated on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, because I couldn’t get to class. Feverishly I waited for Thursday.

The WOD was perfect for me today.  My first round of kettlebells, I used 20 pounds, which wasn’t challenging enough.  So the remaining four rounds, I used the 35 pound KB.  Oh boy…  I was challenged!

The 35 pound KB forced me to really focus.  I credit improper form to losing my balance and  half stepping backward.  “Focus!” I snapped at myself as I softly whispered the proper movement for the exercise.   “Use your hips!”   I swear the self talk helps.

The loud squawking of a classmate, motivated me to push harder.   It wasn’t any easier for her so why should it be for me.  We counted reps; I completed 360.  Yay!!!’

I’m exhausted.  And I have the chance to rollover sleep early and I get to sleep almost two hours later tomorrow morning.  Sweet!!

Sweet Dreams!

Unthinkable Advice From an Imp

Addiction – noun –  The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

ORIGIN 1595-1605: <L a giving over, surrender.


My actions this morning would most likely label me as an addict or classify me as just down right crazy.  I probably should not have done it, but I could not help but to surrender to my habit…   I ran!

What’s so bad about that?  Well–Five days ago I ran 7.76 miles.  Ideal weather and the fact that I felt great inspired me to run 10 miles, until my knee began to stiffen.  Through the stiffness a biting and intense pain shot up the side of my left  knee.  This was a new pain to my mature knee.  It hurt enough to force me to walk home, but even walking caused pain, but I hobbled along gingerly while listening to my music and feeling grateful for the outdoor run.

At home, in reverse hoisting myself butt first, I drug myself up the stairs to shower and back down the stairs to the ice, ibuprofen, and then the sofa. I stayed on the sofa until bed time.  Overnight, a pillow comforted my knee.

Surprisingly the next morning, my knee was a little stiff, but no pain.  For the next three days I pampered my knee.  I also scheduled an appointment to see a doctor who specializes in sports medicine.  If I can side track for a moment– Who better to see than a physician, who understands the body, mind, and spirit of an athlete.  Did I just say “athlete?”  Lol!!  Yup!  While sadly no one pays me to run, I’m still am an athlete at heart. And heart is what matters…right?

Non sports doctors just tell you that you’re old and to go sit down somewhere. They are rarely up on the latest techniques that treat sports related injuries.   I can’t and won’t settle for that mess. I plan to run and workout for as long as I can do for myself.

Anyway, my son participates in a two-hour basketball clinic on Saturday mornings.  There are three treadmills positioned among other work out equipment.  I have yet to see one person walk, run, or sit on them. Are you getting the picture yet?

While washing clothes on Friday night, an intense urge to run starts setting in.    I’ve got a mischievous imp on one shoulder saying, “Go ahead girl, give it a try. This will be a good test for your knee.  If it hurts, just stop running.”  The imp’s angelic twin says “Don’t even think about it, you could do more harm to your knee. My dear, you must have patience.”

It’s Saturday morning… here are my stats from the treadmill.  LOL!!!!  I did the unthinkable… I ran and it felt so damn good!!!!!! Ha!  Ha!!

6 miles on the treadmill today!  Woo hoo!! (4/6/13)

6 miles on the treadmill today! Woo hoo!! (4/6/13)

This is my time, including my warm up walk on the treadmill.  I wanted to run longer.  :)

This is my time, including my warm up walk on the treadmill. I wanted to run longer. 🙂 By the way, sorry about the blur; it’s the picture not your eyes.

Hello!  Can you say CALORIES!!  There is margin for error on treads, but I'll take this!

Hello! Can you say CALORIES!! There is a margin for error on treads, but I’ll take this!

I know, I am certifiable crazy, but there are others out there in this world who understands my addiction.  Depending on your perspective, I’m either a stubborn behind athlete or a relentless junkie addicted to the endorphins.  The emotional high was well worth the risk. I needed this run.  It helped me to cope with the fact that I won’t be running in tomorrow’s Revel’s 2013 April Fools Half Marathon.  This will be the first year that I don’t particpate, so I am disappointed.   It is the only time that you get to run through the streets of Atlantic City without dodging cars, buses, and jitneys.  The run is peaceful, sceneic and loads of fun.

During my run on the treadmill this morning,  I stopped myself from busting out in laughter (as I do outside on the roadways) and softly singing along with my  music.  I had so much fun running (on pins and needles) this morning.  Some guy, who I didn’t realize was watching me, asks, “Are you from Kenya or something?!?”  I laughed and told him that I was actually taking it easy today.  He looked at me like I had two heads!!  Gotta love it!  Although I desperately longed for more intensity, I kept my speed between 5.5 mph and 6.5 mph. Grrr…

My doctor’s appointment is 12 days away, so this week I won’t run anymore but instead will focus on exercises that strengthen my hamstrings and quadriceps.  Will I run at my son’s practice next week?  ABSOLUTELY!  I am “enslaved to physical habit.”  Let’s pray that I caused no trauma to my knee.

Come on folks; tis the season to hit the road!  Keep it movin’!

Walk When You Have to

“Run when you can, walk when you have to,
crawl if you must; just never give up.”

                                                                         -Dean Karnazes

Today’s run…

Distance:  7.76 miles

Pace:  10:16 min/miles

Duration:  1:19:39

Calories Burned:  1065

The quote pretty much sums up today’s run. My run ended with a walk, but I would have crawled if I had to.  Right now, I am stretched out on the bedroom floor with an ice pack on the side of my knee.  For once, I’m not stressing about how this knee pain—it is pain, not discomfort—is going to affect the upcoming season.   There’s no need to stress.  If I have to reduce my miles, then my body is telling me that I need to strengthen other areas, such as my hams and quads.  I can live with that.

Today I felt the need to redeem myself.  Why?  Yesterday was my first Easter Sunday that I did absolutely nothing, not even our traditional family dinner.  Instead I ordered out and ate hot wings, a white pizza with fresh spinach, roasted peppers and garlic for brunch.  I should have washed it down with a cold beer, but my conscience wouldn’t let me go that far.  LOL!  I filled my gigantic beer glass with fresh lemon water.   What else did I do?   I tried the coach potato hat on for size.  Sitting on the sofa watching TV and reading was cool for a minute, but I don’t understand how people can do that. I felt guilty as heck going to bed last night.

Anyway, if the pain persists, I will see one of my favorite sports doctors at the Rothman Institute.  Although my run was cut short by knee pain, my run was great.  Taking in the fresh warm air and April’s sunshine, is all that I needed to get my day and the month started.

Enjoy the day!