This Is How To Drink Tea

Last night it was chilly outside on the football field.  Tonight was chilly, but I was armed with two additional tops, including an oversized hoodie that kept me warm.

But what really warmed me inside and out and made me childishly happy was that finally, I got to use my Simply Better Tea, Tea Traveler today.  I brought mine from a tea shop in Smithville; however they can be purchased online.


#100HappyDaysChallenge #100HappyDaysChallenge4Lexa Day#22

So over tea bags, I have been wanting to return to what I knew as a kid.  Sipping my mom’s and grandmother’s tea made from the root of a plant or fresh leaves, pulled straight from mama’s back yard.  None of the grandkids knew that tea bags existed.

What’s so special about this traveler? It has a removable infuser, so you add the loose leaf tea of choice in first.  Secure the infuser on top and pour boiling water in the traveler.  Then simply enjoy freshly brewed organic (if you chose)  tea!   It’s potent but delish!  The aroma is inviting and relaxing.

Today I chose the Turmeric Ginger.


Although the two are said to have many health benefits, I picked this blend because I enjoy the bold and spicy flavor of both herbs.  Oh it was wonderful!!  The experience of the tea was a great distraction because I wasn’t happy to miss the gym today. Grrr…  😦

Anyways, it’s bed time.  Will talk to you again soon. 🙂

Sweet dreams!