Autumn Sunday Mornings

Good Morning!

Happy Sunday! ¬†ūüôā

Autumn Sunday mornings (for me) means chill time with the family (not including the gym).

Howling winds woke me this morning; it sounded cold out there. ¬†SJ is cold (44 degrees) and to think that in a few hours, we’ll be on the football field. ¬†So you know I couldn’t wait to…


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Have my first official wood burning of the season!  Besides the warmth the fire brings, I also enjoy the crackling and wood popping.

Freshly cooked omelets were in order, so I put my chefs hat on for myself, hubby, and B’Dazzle.


An omelet isn’t the same for me without veggies. ¬†This one has spinach, mushrooms, fresh garlic, red, and orange peppers– oh and crushed peppers.


Two slices of Ezekiel bread is a healthy source of carbs.

label1Flourless and low glycemic makes the bread appealing (to me).


finished omelet

My plate was meatless. ¬†Yummy! Hubby and B’Dazzle had sausage on their plate.

Because of the rain yesterday, B’Dazzle’s conference football game was rescheduled for today. ¬†While we’ll be dry, it is going to be COLD on the field today. ¬†I’ve got hand and toe warmers for B’Dazzle and any other player who needs or wants a pair. ¬†You bet, I’ll shove a pair of warmers in my gloves and boots.


#100HappyDaysChallenge #Day51

After the game, we have left-overs and a delicious fresh crock pot full of Jambalaya.

The recipe is saved on my¬†¬†Pinterest¬†soup board and is courtesy of Abby at ¬†Thank you Abby! It’s easy to make and perfect for a day like today. ¬†After the game, I hope to do some catching up on much-needed blog time in front of the fireplace while grubbing on a big bowl of spicy and healthy Jambalaya. Mmm…

Have fun watching Sunday football and enjoy the day! ūüôā


Fair Trade holiday shopping

Sigh!  Relief!  Football season for my 10-year-old   officially ended last Sunday.  The season finished with my son playing on the offensive line representing the All-Star team for the West Division of our league. His team won against the East 25-6. The next day at the Banquet he won Defensive Lineman of the Year!  We’re all smiles!

All Star Playerer 12/2012

All Star Player 12/2012

I took one week off to do nothing. Well, not quite nothing, but my actions felt like nothing compared to rushing off to practice 6-8 p.m. several nights a week.

Today I was supposed to begin my holiday shopping.¬† Well I did.¬† Sorta kinda!¬† I could not resist and bought for myself. ¬†Does that count? I attended a ¬†International Fair Trade Gift Fair¬† at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. The event was hosted by the South Fair Trade Alliance and ¬†‚Äúbuilds social economic, social and environmental justice through Fair Trade.‚ÄĚ ¬†The vendors are socially conscious, warm, friendly persons, who share a common passion of helping others.

“Fair trade supports farmers and craftspeople in developing countries who are socially and economically marginalized.  These producers lack economic opportunity and often face steep hurdles in finding markets and customers for their goods.

Fair trade is much more than just trade. ¬†At the core of the fair trade model is a direct, cooperative, and in-depth relationship between buyers and sellers that keeps all of the principles of fair trade at the forefront.‚ÄĚFair Trade Federation

The best part about the shopping experience at the Fair Trade Fair is that you learn while you shop! An abundance of literature is available at most tables, so if you take your kids with you, the shopping experience will be educational and enlightening.

The vendors are socially and environmentally conscious, warm, friendly, knowledgable, and are dedicated to Fair Trade.    Of course, I love the endless supply of unique, handmade, and cool merchandise for sale.

redEarringI love dark chocolate and could not resist buying this treat.


Original pieces like this zipper necklace is the reward for patronizing the Fair.  I cannot wait to wear this one!


Many of the jewelry pieces are made with natural and recycled materials.  I was so excited at this vendor that I forgot to ask about these earrings.  They are extremely light and rich in color.  Ooh la la!


Nag Champa oils and an assorted package of some of my favorite incense (Sandlewood, Patchouli, Nag Champa) and two new ones to try (Frankincense and white Rose).


For nearly two years, I’ve been hooked on¬†merchandise¬†with the peace symbol, so I had to add this bracelet to my collection.

 Click here to learn more about the South Jersey Fair Trade. If you are not from the South Jersey area, check out the Fair Trade Federation here.