On Kindness

“Decorate your life

with random acts of kindness.”

-Paul Williams on SuperSoulSunday


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Happy Sunday! ¬†ūüôā

Autumn Sunday Mornings

Good Morning!

Happy Sunday! ¬†ūüôā

Autumn Sunday mornings (for me) means chill time with the family (not including the gym).

Howling winds woke me this morning; it sounded cold out there. ¬†SJ is cold (44 degrees) and to think that in a few hours, we’ll be on the football field. ¬†So you know I couldn’t wait to…


#100HappyDaysChallenge #100HappyDaysChallenge4Lexa #Day49

Have my first official wood burning of the season!  Besides the warmth the fire brings, I also enjoy the crackling and wood popping.

Freshly cooked omelets were in order, so I put my chefs hat on for myself, hubby, and B’Dazzle.


An omelet isn’t the same for me without veggies. ¬†This one has spinach, mushrooms, fresh garlic, red, and orange peppers– oh and crushed peppers.


Two slices of Ezekiel bread is a healthy source of carbs.

label1Flourless and low glycemic makes the bread appealing (to me).


finished omelet

My plate was meatless. ¬†Yummy! Hubby and B’Dazzle had sausage on their plate.

Because of the rain yesterday, B’Dazzle’s conference football game was rescheduled for today. ¬†While we’ll be dry, it is going to be COLD on the field today. ¬†I’ve got hand and toe warmers for B’Dazzle and any other player who needs or wants a pair. ¬†You bet, I’ll shove a pair of warmers in my gloves and boots.


#100HappyDaysChallenge #Day51

After the game, we have left-overs and a delicious fresh crock pot full of Jambalaya.

The recipe is saved on my¬†¬†Pinterest¬†soup board and is courtesy of Abby at catsandcasseroles.blogspot.com. ¬†Thank you Abby! It’s easy to make and perfect for a day like today. ¬†After the game, I hope to do some catching up on much-needed blog time in front of the fireplace while grubbing on a big bowl of spicy and healthy Jambalaya. Mmm…

Have fun watching Sunday football and enjoy the day! ūüôā


A Second Chance

Going to the gym and forgetting my purse is becoming a habit.  A bad habit. This morning I was so focused on getting to the gym that I did it again.

Five minutes away from the gym, I realized I did not have my purse,¬†but I wasn’t about to¬†return home. ¬†That would have cut into my workout. ¬†I would rather take my chances and get stop by the local police. ¬†Slow your roll girl! ¬†I made sure to follow the speed limit, especially in the 25 mph zones.

My day blew by!

Nearly two hours working mostly on my back and a little shoulder. ¬†I have no idea why, but today a couple of folks wanted to stop and chat. ¬†Me… Mrs. Chit Chat was trying to get through my workout. ¬†Ear buds neatly tucked in, head boppin and all… it did not stop them from getting my attention.

One was a couple. ¬†The guy age 65 (he told me), who looked every bit 10 years plus younger. ¬†Nice body! ¬†I could tell he knew what he was doing in the gym. ¬†The girl… well… nice. Huge 80’s style hair, very thin, and bright eyes and pretty smile. ¬† The gentleman complimented me on my physique.

Moving from the cable equipment to the back machines, a 50ish looking male with a solid body stops me… his white hair gave his age away.

“I’ve been watching you! ¬†Your form is excellent! You are doing everything right! ¬†Keep doing what you are doing kiddo!”

“Kiddo!” ¬†Lol! ¬†He has not idea I’m well over 40. ¬†Love it! I thank him and go to put my ear buds back in. ¬†He leans over to tell me that he is or was (I forget) a personal trainer for years. ¬†It took me like 4 or 5 attempts before he finally stopped talking. ¬† Although I did respond, I needed to get back to my workout.

Yes, I finally got through it. ¬†I got home by noon, just in time to meet “Arnold” who runs a home cleaning service. ¬†I need someone to clean my home. ¬†I can’t do it anymore.. truthfully, I don’t want to do anymore, so I’m not. We were suppose¬†to me to discuss my needs, prices, and availability.

I race in the door, quickly fix my post workout meal (oats & eggs) and wolf it down. ¬†15 minutes later. ¬†Where’s Arnold?

I can’t wait, I’ve got things to do. In 2 1/2 hours, I did Shoprite, Bed Bath & Beyond, BJ’s, Macy’s, and the dreaded Walmart. ¬†Hold up… ¬†I don’t hate Walmart, but there are certain times that you do not shop at Walmart in my area and I was in the heart of it. But since I have a busy week, I put my music in my ear and braved the madness. ¬†Lol!

Once home, I cooked a big pot of chilly and prepped a pot of kale. ¬†I called the nail salon. It was 3:45 p.m., the salon’s last appointment was 4:30. ¬†I turned the chili on low and tell hubby to watch it. ¬†It’s Sunday afternoon football; that was a dangerous move. ¬†I was smart enough not to turn the kale on. I called him on my way home from the salon to turn the pot on.

I raced out the door 10 minutes later and got to the nail place at 4:16.  The best thing about driving on a Sunday afternoon is that, at least here in South Jersey, everybody is somewhere watching football.  The roads were clear.  Thank God!


Yay I got my nails done!  Those sparkles on the black polish are still growing on me, but guess what.  This chica is #happy about getting my nails done today.

#100 Happy Days Challenge #Day 26

Question.  How do you not engage in conversation at they gym?  The social butterfly that I am, loves to chat; however, on most days, I need to skip the chatter.  Should I buy BIGGER headphones?  Any  tips?  Oh please do share.

Geez… do you know what time it is? ¬†Oh gosh… it’s past my bed time. ¬†I really must go.

I hope you had a great weekend. ¬†I did. ¬†B’Dazzle’s JV football team beat another team 36-0! ¬†Sweet! ¬†He did his job as nose guard very well.

Okay.. I’m going this time. ¬†For real! ¬†Lol!

Oh ¬†wait… at 6:54 p.m. Arnold (the owner of the cleaning service) texts me the following:

Wow, I just remember(ed) now, supposed to be there noon time today, completely forgot. ¬†It’s Arnold. ¬†Apology, do you want me to go (come) another time? ¬†Really sorry.

OMG!! ¬†LOL!! ¬†Arnold came highly recommended by a neighbor. Everyone makes mistakes. ¬†I believe in second chances, so I did reschedule. If he forgets this time, it’s a wrap and I will move down my list of recommended cleaning companies.

Serious… Sweet dreams! ¬†ūüôā