Blessed And Refreshed

Happy Independence Day! I know, today is Monday. During the post, an error occurred and this post didn’t publish correctly. Hubby and I decided to escape for the holiday weekend.

The hotel’s gym¬†has real equipment. Most hotel’s idea of a gym is one treadmill and a few other pieces of equipment, but not this one; it’s the real deal. Yay!!!

I hit some weights this morning and now I am enjoying a delicious quinoa salad on the beach.

For the natural chica’s, to protect my hair from the salt water, I saturated it with my favorite conditioner, VO5 Herbal Escapes.

As I write this post on the beach, I am feeling blessed and refreshed!

Have a fabulous Day!!




 Above the clouds is so magical.


 Sitting on the plane before take off in Atlantic City.



Free weights at a hotel gym! ¬†Now that I know it’s possible, I’ll have to add this to my list of necessary hotel amenities.



I brought this tasty quinoa salad at Starbucks. ¬†This salad was the bomb! ¬†Fresh lettuce,cherry tomatoes, and chicken! ¬†It’s nice to eat healthy on the beach.



What’s better than an ocean front view? ¬†An ocean front view that can be enjoyed from the shower! ¬†Awesome!




I had fun trying to figure out how many different exercises I could do on this baby! Cool!


After a brief rain, this lovely rainbow brightened the sky. ¬†So pretty. ūüôā


This little monkey was one of nearly a dozen strolling around the rental agency's parking lot.

This little monkey was one of nearly a dozen strolling around the rental agency’s parking lot. ¬†I’d expect to see monkeys strolling around in another country, but not in Florida.

July 4, 2014 - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Having a blast on the beach.


IMG_6832I love palm trees. I want one in our backyard. ¬†Umm… not in Jersey though. ¬†:0(


IMG_0356Selfies¬†on the beach. ¬†For once, we’re both relaxing.


In Chill Mode

It’s official, I’m in summer mode! ¬†All the winter snows days made for a late start to my summer. ¬†The patio is only half decorated with flowers, but at this point, I’m saying to heck with the flowers and¬†am going to enjoy my yard as it is.

Summer 2014

Summer 2014

It’s July 28th and today is my first time in the pool this year. ¬†Hubby blew up some floats that I bought at the end of last summer. ¬†I think I like this float. ¬†It has a built-in pillow.

My plan today was to workout at the gym (back day) then run the Ocean City Bridge. Guess what? ¬†Lol! ¬†I did neither because I slept just a little past 9:30 this morning and decided to make it a rest day. ¬†Besides, my biceps and legs are still sore from the last two workouts; the rest will do my body good. We took B’Dazzle to his football conditioning class and now I’m relaxing in the back yard.

Tomorrow I will hit the weights.

Enjoy the day!