About 45 minutes ago, I completed a shoulder workout.

I pushed myself at the gym, but the nudging hasn’t stopped. How’s that?

Post workout eating is just as important as the weight training.

I am not hungry!

But I still have to choke these oats and eggs down. Ugh!


Plain Jane hard-boiled eggs. I usually sprinkle my eggs with freshly ground black pepper, but this morning I forgot.


Organic steel oats (prepared in advance in a crock pot), with skinless apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, flax-seed, chia seeds, water and almond milk. Before reheating, I added one banana, more cinnamon, and almond milk. Filling and DELISH!

Some days, eating is more demanding than the real workout. Surprise! Surprise!

Have a great day!

Can I Do More?

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”Mahatma Ghadni

Wednesday was Back Day. 

“How is your back?”

“..back feels great!”

“Ugh!  You’re impossible!”


Two days post workout, my back muscles should have felt a little sore, but they didn’t.  I keep asking, “What is WRONG with me?”   During the workout, she pushed me hard. My muscles burned with intensity, yet two days later, I felt GREAT!  A little too great!  Lol!

I never thought  being “too conditioned” would be a challenge, but it is.

Thinking back to my summer regime makes me laugh.   In July and August 2013, I did CrossFit five (5) days per week.  Some days I ran a short (3-5 miles) after CrossFit and enjoyed every step.  My lifestyle has conditioned me well.

When I say that I am a junkie, I am serious.  Oh man, the highs of working out! Endorphins kick in and the day’s agenda is history.  I’ve pretty much worked out with intensity my entire life.   Running 5+ miles daily, studying Tung-So-Do, teaching fitness classes, and more recently CrossFit and figure training.

Wednesday’s workout was tough. I was eager to use my new Versa Gripps gloves and boy, did they make a difference! They gave me a better grip, so I lifted heavier and with more confidence.  No more slipping and sliding!  I am amazed at how a glove can make such a difference.

I don’t whine or complain so when my trainer adds weight, I appear skeptical (at times) but I push through the reps anyway and often surprise myself.

Sometimes I feel like she has more confidence in my strength then I do.

At least on one occasion, I crawled to the next station (in the fitness room where group classes are held).  Haaaa!  Haaa!  No shame in my game!  That particular day was a leg workout and my legs were fried.

I recognize that I need to push myself harder- Not  just physically but mentally too.  I’m beginning to understand weight training is more about mental will and less about physical strength.

With each rep, I have to ask myself, ask myself, Can I do more?  Mentally I need to psych myself into believing I can do more and push harder.  In weight training, there is no place for passiveness.

Ironically, when it comes to running, I NEVER second guess myself–regardless of the distance or conditions. Always confident, I can do this, through knee pain and the other discomforts of distance running.

I have to adopt this mindset on the gym floor. Come competition day, I will be standing beside many amazing women. I don’t want to simply be just another girl on stage, but a woman who makes her presence known by walking away with a trophy or two!

Yes, I can and I will do more!

Today is hubby’ birthday, so I’m off to breakfast duty!

Have a great day!