10 Days Until Showtime!


You will truly never really know what you’re capable of until you give it a try.  We often limit ourselves by thinking of endless excuses why we can’t do something.  Two years ago, I did not believe that I could carve out enough time in my busy day to successfully train to compete, but I was wrong.  Has it been easy?  No, but I am doing it and so can you… whatever that “it” is for you.

Spend more energy and time thinking of the what you can do and how you will go about accomplishing your goal.

Amazed is how you will feel, when you see how things fall into place, but it won’t happen until you take action.  The positive energy that you employ during your endeavor is remarkably returned to you from the universe.  I encourage you to read Abraham Hicks, Law of Attraction.

It’s 6:07 a.m. and I am juggling a plethora of to-do’s in my head.  All the “stuff” is floating above my head  in a continuous motion.  I’m fighting what I want to do versus what I need to do.  Writing, getting some quick thoughts down,  is one among one of them; however, time dictates that I finish packing my lunch, make my smoothie and get my butt off to work.  After all, work is what pays the bills.

Stay motivated, stay positive, and have a fabulous day!!





How Do You Ask Someone Out?


At 6:15 in this morning, as I’m whizzing around the kitchen, I found myself trying to answer my son’s question:

“Mom, how do you ask someone out?”

No doubt, his question caught me off guard.   At soon-to-be 11, it still seems kinda early for a dating question.

“Someone?”  Oookaaay.    I ask if he has someone particular in mind.  He hesitates.  I casually remind him that we talk about everything—no secrets—no subject is off-limits.

“Well, there is this girl…”   He tells me her name.  I know who she is.

So back to the question, “How do you ask someone out?”  Heck, I’ve been out of the dating scene for many years!  Am I “qualified” to respond?  LOL!  Sure I am.  I am his mom.  I am going to teach him the right way to approach young women.

I glance over at my son.  The Cheerios in his bowl are floating around, guided by his spoon.  He is patiently waiting for my answer.

The words roll off my tongue something like this:

Well… before you ask her out, you need to make sure that you share similar values.  If she likes you, she’s probably going to be nice to you.  But watch carefully how she treats others.   Observe her to make sure that she is respectful, courteous, and a genuinely nice girl.

“She can’t smoke!!  I don’t want to go out with a girl who smokes!”  He declares.

I say, “Yeees!  Good!”  She ought to be a good student too.  You know, she cannot use drugs, must go to school, work hard, earn good grades, and stay out of trouble.

I’m thinking, “What did I miss?”  Virginity?  LOL!  Too soon for that!  I think I’ve covered the basics… for now.

Once you decide that she’s of good character and you’ve gotten to know her over time, and through daily conversation, and… you suspect the feelings are mutual, then you pop the question “Would you be my girlfriend?” or “Do you want to go out?”

So there is a possibility, that I may sound corny or hokey, but that’s how I put it out there to medium (He prefers “medium” over “little” man).  Anyway, I believe in plain old fashion straightforwardness and honesty, with no games.

For the fellas who are reading this, what do you think?  Please?  Give me a male’s perspective?  I can’t wait to hear hubby’s response.

I tried to get a clear definition of what “going out” meant to my son.   I don’t assume current day jargon and phrases to mean what they did years ago.  That’s an age revealing statement right?  But it’s true. “Going out” meant the same as it still does to me, asking her to be his girlfriend.

When I asked him more about her, my heart melted when he said,

“She’s kind.”

Do you hear me, “SHE’S KIND!”

I’m raising a gentleman.  I love, love, love, his ability to recognize and appreciate compassion in someone.   Anyway, it turns out that the little lady is a classmate and is hospitalized.

I asked Medium man if he wanted to visit her in the hospital.  He does.  So we will find out if her parents are okay with a visit from a potential boyfriend.

Parental obligations kept me from CrossFit today, so I look forward to tomorrow’s class. I missed working out today.

Sweet Dreams!

Monday’s WOD

WU (warm up):   Run 400 – High Knees, Spider man’s, Knees to Chest

Mobility: 8 Mins

WOD: Back Squat:
OTM1: 80% 5 Reps
OTM2: 80% 5 Reps
2 Min Rest

OTM For 15 Minutes Do 2 Cleans + 1 Jerk

8 Min AMRAP of
8 Thrusters @ (95/65)
8 Burpees over Bar

Today’s Workout of the Day was exactly what I needed. Why on earth would I think I “need” such a grueling WOD like this? Because Friday I celebrated my 48th Birthday!

I partied hard because the older I get, the more I acknowledge and appreciate my blessings. I realize that life is short and some folk don’t make it to age 48. I also know that tomorrow is not promised. I could check out early and not live to see my next birthday. Loosing family and friends, especially unexpectedly, is devastating and leaves internal wounds like a sharp knife rips through the flesh. The wounds heal, but the memories last forever. So while I normally keep up a strict regimen, I also leave room for guiltless fun.

My birthday celebration was full of good times and laughter. I dined with family, danced with family and friends–who are more like family– until 3 in the morning, then did my absolute best to stay awake on the ride home. Although I work hard at eating clean, for my birthday, the bang-bang shrimp certainly did not pass the diet, and neither did the cocktails.

The memories of the night still have me crackin up today. LOL! My 24-year-old daughter showed up, which turned out to be fun. We showed her how grown folks party and she and I got our bump and grind on together on the dance floor! On occasion, she shocked by moves on her dad and me by her smooth moves with her dance partner. She is kind of quiet so to see her “break out” is hilarious.

Last week I did CrossFit five days, so I took the weekend off. I am glad that I did but today was dues time.  As I grunted, and profusely sweated, I sternly reminded myself that extra affliction was heartedly earned and to suck it up and don’t complain. Bent over with exhaustion, while resting my palms on my knees, I momentarily paused, laughed and continued to push through the end.

Extra hydration is in order for the week, as well as, going back to my routine. I believe that quality of life is about balance.  Balancing work, play, and family. Too much of one and not the other creates challenges and inharmonious feelings, which I try to avoid. I know people, some family, who go hard into only one aspect of life. Honestly, they seem unhappy but are compelled to keep up with the things as they are use to.  I once was there, but thankfully learned a better way.

Only three weeks remain of my summer break and I am going to squeeze in as much fun as possible. Until my next post….

Thanks for visiting and have a marvelous day!

Understanding the language – CrossFit Lingo


I run because it’s so symbolic of life

“I run because it’s so symbolic of life. You have to drive yourself to overcome the obstacles. You might feel that you can’t. But then you find your inner strength, and realize you’re capable of so much more than you thought.”
–Arthur Blank

Today’s run…

7.51 Miles
9.37 Minute/Miles (Average)
5:54 Minute/Miles (Max)
780 Calories burned

Somewhere around mile five (5) or so, the rain continues; it has not stopped.  My ear buds are wet and continue to fall out of my ears.  Jill (Scott) bellows, “I’m magnificent” and I agree.  I feel free.  I’m wet but it doesn’t matter.  I don’t care.  I don’t care that my natural hair is drenched, I don’t care that my new sneaks are wet, and I certainly don’t give a damn that it’s 50 some degrees outside.  My heart beats at a steady velocity.

Closing my eyes, while moving forward I consume a huge batch of cool damp, yet refreshing air.  My lungs and my body approve.  Another favorite song blares in my ear.  Oh, this feels so good! I am so happy that I could literally shed tears of joy.  It is so hard to explain.  I am engrossed in an intoxicating moment.  Nothing matters.  Physically I feel boundless.  Spiritually I am blessed.  I cannot think of a single reason to complain.  The drama of an earlier week is miles behind me.

The previous week had been one of extreme highs and lows —all relative to parenting.

Committed and active parents recognize crucial and defining moments; times when the most painful and the most difficult decisions are made, all for the benefit of our children.

It is easier to “talk-the-talk” than it is to “walk-the-walk.  A critical juncture presented itself.  Hubby and I discussed the issue and made an extremely difficult but necessary parental decision.   Carrying out the decision took me to an ultimate low place where I never envisioned for myself.  Afterwards, I meditated. I prayed.

As parents, we would like to believe that 18+ years of sacrifice, good teaching, and committed parenting will result in young adults who make smart choices.  Not true. Our children stumble and make bad choices, as we once (and sometimes still do) did. Nevertheless, we are there for them and continue to guide and to support them.

However, there are moments when tough love is the best and only medicine to administer.  Tough love is painful for both parents and our children–We both learn from this experience.  This I know.

That same week, I experienced a supreme high.  My nine-year –old, who is the fastest player on his Pee Wee football team, scored his first official touchdown.  The touchdown came as a result of his intercepting an offensive pass.

Once I realized that he had possession of the ball, I was content.  I knew that no one could catch him.  He sprinted 30-40 yards hugging the football as if the ball was his Sony DSI game and a playmate was trying to steal it.  Although he is outrageously fast, the coaches rarely give him the ball to carry (that’s another story), but he was ready for the opportunity and convincingly delivered.

I don’t know which was best… the joy on my son’s face as he bumped chests of a teammate in the end one or my hubby’s elation as he literally jumped, screamed, and punched the air in excitement.   His team won the game, which made the touchdown all the better.

Runners experience similar highs and lows.  Highs—when we are healthy, strong, and meet or exceed our personal goals; Lows—when we’re injured, wounded, experience setbacks, or simply have bad days,

“…but then you find your inner strength, and realize you’re capable of so much more than you thought.”

The sentiment is true.  Regardless if you’re running, trying to make it through a tough day with the family, dealing with a challenging week at work or experiencing a problem in another area of your life, seek out your inner strength because you are capable of getting through the difficult time. This you must believe.