>My St. Maarten favorites

>Yesterday I returned from St. Maarten. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite moments on the island.

My absolute favorite place to hang out…  tropical beaches!


This picture will come in handy during the bitter cold winter season.
Strawberry & Guava berry drink (virgin or with “spirits”) is refreshing!
Nope!  I don’t know this guy.  Inebriation prevented him from making it to his room.  He got off of  the elevator on our floor and this is where he landed.  I could not resist taking  his picture.
My girlfriend was relentless in getting us to dine at this marvelous restaurant.  Why?  Because Oprah said so!   No disappointment here…  The food was sensational and left my taste buds wanting more.
My hotel was located near the Princess Juliana Int’l Airport and  we were very close to this beach. Last week the beach was featured on yahoo as one of the top 10 dangerous beaches.  I am amazed at the fools who stand at the foot of the airport at take off.  They are literaly blown into the sand by the power of the planes exhausts. 


This sign rests near the ocean at Orient Beach (French side of the Island).  Great advertisement– great beverage choice while laying on the beach
I took this shot while sitting outside a restaurant…  wondering what it’s called?
Can you say ambiance?  The outdoor waiting area at the Big Fish.  Gorgeous- right?


Dinner plate at The Big Fish.   Almost every object  in the restaurant is white, including the cool rectangular plates  that dinner is served on. 
At dusk, The Big Fish sign  is illuminated!