Have You Heard? The New Website is Live!

The shock of the past two months ignited a fire inside of me. I think I decided to take advantage of the situation and became more disciplined.

I didn’t want this situation to end with a list of shoulda, coulda, woulda’s, so I turned into a worker-bee.

That is why I’m excited to share with you that Lexa’s Journal (L.J.) has evolved and expanded! Whooop!

L.J. is moving to my new website, https://tanyafcain.com/.

The new page will continue to host my wellness blog, where I will remain focused on writing about my health journey and other wellness matters.

H.E.A.L. (Healthy, Empowered, Aligned Living) is a fresh monthly newsletter created to keep you current on the latest science-based news to support you to live consciously in ways that improve your health and well-being.

Due to the crisis, you may have experienced setbacks or have trouble adjusting to your new “normal.” Perhaps you need help with setting new goals. Well, I am now available to schedule one-on-one coaching with me to get you back on track.

Group coaching and couples coaching are also available.

To help you get started, go to the contact us page for a complimentary consultation.

Thank you so much for your support at Lexa’s Journal! I am grateful for every click, follow, and comment. You’ve stuck with me through my insecurities, typos, and excellent times, always returning for more. I appreciate you!

I started this page to share my life lessons with you and to help you to improve your life. I also began writing to become a better writer. While I haven’t quite arrived at my desired destination, I’ve certainly moved further down the road, and I thank you again for joining me on my journey.

Today, I ask you to follow me at https://tanyafcain.com/about-us; it only gets better!


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