How To Eat Well While Traveling 

Who’s says you have to eat junk when taking road trips or quick getaways?  Seriously if you have time-  wait. My bad.  I mean, if you make time to prep before traveling, you won’t get stuck eating sh** then feeling like sh**.  

Instead of relying on horrible and packaged rest stop or airport food that ultimately leave you feeling sluggish, lethargic, and Sleepy, take control with a trip to the market before leaving. 

Slice your food if necessary, then wash and dry them. 

Yeah, you’ll need to invest a little time, but I promise, you’ll be glad that you did. ūüôā

Pick your favorite fruits and veggies and have fun with packing. I forgot the carrots and celery but I have plenty of natural sugar and vitamins.  Slice and peel the oranges so there’s no mess in the car, train, bus, airplane, or even the beach. 

A great way to monitor your portions is to pick up a box of portion pack snack bags from Walmart.  Mmm- blueberries! 

Don’t forget to wash the appples too. Put them in sandwich bags or gallon size freezer bags. Again, all the hard work is done in advance. 

For a refreshing treat, mix the blueberries or strawberries with some granola. Yummy! 


Then enjoy your trip! ūüôā

Enjoy your holiday weekend. 

Good Things Really Do Come In Small Packages

When you are a fanatic about living a healthy and fit lifestyle, you become a prowler for healthy treats. New and exotic fruits, enticing vegetables, or an appetizing sweet treat is good things that you just cannot get enough of.

The Vitamin Store is one of my go tos for organic loose leaf tea, my protein powder, and a few other items. ¬†Today, like no other day, while at the register, I did a quick scan of the shelf by the cash register. Look what I found! ¬†:). ¬†Yeah I know, coconut is high in fat, but in small portions, it’s all good.

The first thing I always do is READ THE LABEL. ¬†No matter how delectable and pretty the package is, I¬†always read the label. ¬†This package is so darn small, I couldn’t see sh** on the label. ¬† Ugh! My glasses were in the car. ¬† Hehe! ¬†A few weeks ago, ¬†¬†I got scammed on a green tea latte.

I asked the cashier to read the nutrition facts. Only three (3) grams of sugar. Nice. I’m all smiling now. ¬†60 Calories for one treat, not bad. ¬†Zero¬†grams of sodium. I CAN do this. ¬† One last check; the ingredients.¬†It’s a real gem. ¬†I’m humming The Pointer Sister’s tune, “I’m so excited! ¬†And I just can’t hide it..”

For real. ¬†I get excited over stuff like this. Friends often shake their heads and wonder why I get so happy and energized when I talk about working out or eating healthy. ¬†It’s hilarious, but I can’t help myself. ¬†This stuff is fun. ūüôā

You might laugh at me. ¬† This treat is only a half an ounce, but I don’t need to eat an entire bag of candy to satisfy my appetite for a sweet tooth. ¬†Okay. ¬†you’re gonna die laughing when you see the size of this amazing treat, but trust me, it did the trick.

The key to indulging in your treats is to sit down. ¬†Eat mindfully slow. ¬†Don’t talk on the phone. Avoid distractions like FaceBook or other social networks. ¬†If you have kids, please, wait until they are in bed. ¬†Don’t even read. ¬†Just take small bites and savor every bite. ¬†ūüôā ¬† ¬† Think about Janet Jackson’s old song,¬†Control. ¬† ¬†Trust me, you’ll get better with practice, but you have to want to control yourself.

I’m glad I tried it. It delicious and I highly recommend it. Oh, I bought six and I only ate one. ¬†:). ¬†They are sold in individual packets. ¬†Oh and by the way, unlike the green tea latte, this treat really is lightly sweetened. ¬†

What are some of your favorite healthy treats? ¬†I’d love to add some more goodies to my stash.

Thanks for stopping by.

Make your day magical. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Smooches!

It Was Good While It Lasted

The decision to give up coffee was kind of spontaneous.  Nearly two months have passed since I gave up my freshly brewed java.    Fresh coffee was a nice early morning treat and part of my morning ritual.

The decision to give up coffee was sudden and random. ¬†One day I just noticed that I didn’t ¬†feel like myself. ¬†The feeling was more than the typical jitters from too much caffeine. ¬†Aside from the increase in hot flashes, ¬†I felt sick from it. ¬†The taste changed too. ¬†It was nasty. ¬† That’s not supposed to happen. What the heck is going on? ¬†Hormones I suppose. ¬†Or maybe it’s my body’s way of telling me it’s time to give it up.

Anyways my current morning ritual now includes organic loose leaf green tea. And guess what? ¬† It’s working well. ¬†I actually feel better, more energized and I don’t get the dragging feeling after the caffeine boost. Yay!

So imagine my delight when I stumbled on a Green Tea Latte at Starbucks.

¬†ūüôā Aaaaaaaah! ¬†The heavenly gates opened up. ¬† I tried the latte and loooooooved it! ¬†Although I like the vibe of Starbucks, they’re too pricey for me. ¬†This day was an exception because I was on the road and ran in to get some oatmeal. ¬†I ended up with the oats and the green tea latte. ¬†I substituted regular milk for coconut milk.

Fast forward to my third one. ¬† ūüė¶

You know I had to know the nutritional content, so I went to the company’s website.

“Smooth and Creamy.” Yes.

“Lightly sweetened.” NOT!!

Check out the sugar content!! ¬†Oh my gosh! ¬†I was devastated then I realized the whopping 27 grams of sugar was for a Grande. ¬†Uh oh. I’ve been drinking the Venti, which is even larger. Ugh!

The Venti is loaded with even more sugar!  36 grams!!  This is ridiculous.  Starbucks has to do better. They got that one off on me.  This is yet another example of why we have to stay diligent in researching all that we eat and drink.  250 Calories. 9 grams of saturated fat. 90 calories from fat.  When I read the label, I became sad and angry. Who would think green tea would have so much sugar?  Yup. They tricked me.  

Whelp. ¬†It was good while it lasted. ¬†I just can’t and don’t consume sugar like that. Speaking of sugar, if you’re trying to lose weight or maybe trying to reduce your sugar intake, check out the video,¬†The Truth About Sugar¬†that I recently watched. It may change the way you think about your favorite sugary snack.

I’ve got a lot going on these days. ¬†When things settle down, I have tons of good stuff to share. ¬†So hang in there with me. ¬†If you like this post, please like, share and follow me.

Smooches! ¬†ūüôā

She Has Outlived Three Vegans!

G’Mom Dynamite is 83!!   In the morning, she enjoys her duo of a cup of freshly ground Joe with her smokes. Like, a hot apple a la mode served with creamy vanilla bean ice-cream, the two pair nicely. When she gets up in the morning, I encourage her to pick something healthy to eat.  I make sure I keep her favorite fruits on hand.  But, at her age, who am I to tell her what to eat, how often, and how much to eat?

Regardless of her 60+ year relationship with non-filtered cigarettes and Gin (the 70’s), old Grand Dad (the 80’s-90’s),  or Hennessy (late 90’s to present), she is still alive and kicking.  I may live a healthy lifestyle but there is still no guarantee that I will live age 83.

Medication for high blood pressure doesn’t stir her to read labels or to give up her prepackaged high sodium favorites like this Spicy Miso Ramen Noodle Soop! 920 grams of sodium per serving! Holy cow!  Yuck!!  But I see her point that she’s lived through eight decades.

My mom has outlived three vegetarians in our family, who never drank, smoked, or ate any form of meat or seafood.

Lol! It’s funny but not really. I miss my cousins and aunts.  But I see her point.  Take my beautiful cousin Marlene for example. RIP cuz.   She lived a clean life but died in her early 40’s while battling breast cancer. I respect my mother’s point-of-view but continue to encourage her to make healthy food


choices.  When she talks about dying, which is often and I say, “While you are living, let’s focus on quality of life.”  She responds,  “Tanya, you can’t live forever!!  She looks at me and cracks up laughing!   I join in with her laughter and know that, for the most part, I am wasting my time.

Seriously I contribute mom’s longevity to her upbringing.  Mom and her siblings were poor. They ate fresh everything!  My grandmother managed the family’s health with natural herbs like goldenseal, poke root, catnip, dandelion, fennel, nettle, and more.  I’m not talking about the stuff in a bottle. I’m speaking of the plants, roots, and grounded powder versions. The grandkids in my generation helped momma make capsules for the family.  They never ate out in restaurants, drank soda, cool aid, or any of that. Their eggs came from farm raised, grass fed chickens. The well water they drank was fresh and wasn’t contaminated by the chemicals that taint our current water supplies. Life and the food supply was simpler.

As I was about to leave for work the other day, I noticed her morning snack before breakfast: grapes and apples! I didn’t say a word but could not help smiling and chuckling. When she turned her back, I snapped a quick picture!!  Lol!! Hmm… maybe she is listening.

Her snack made my day! ūüôā

Take care of yourself in 2017!



Alternative Chips Worth A Try

Your daily diet is rock solid.  You eat fresh fruits, steamed and sauteed vegetables, lean protein sources, drink lots of water, and your fitness regimen is on point.  However, occasionally, the desire for a crunchy chip slams you hard.

Here’s an option! ¬†I cannot remember where I purchased them from, but I checked online and they are available at Vitacost¬†(a favorite online shop),¬†Walmart (they¬†cost more here), and a few other sites. ¬†You can find the chips locally at Target, Shoprite, Bonterra, and Casel’s¬†Supermarket.

sprouts package

It’s not what you think. ¬†Don’t knock it until you try it. ¬†I’m just sayin’ ūüôā

sprouts GMO

You can see why it got my attention… NON-GMO, Gluten free, whole grains, and more!

sprouts ingredients

The ingredient list is good, and I love that¬†sea salt¬†is the¬†last¬†ingredient, which means it has the least amount of all of the ingredients. ¬†ūüôā

sprouts nutritional label

Always read the label on any packaged product. ¬†Although clean eating means avoiding processed foods, a cheat here and there means that we are human and not robots. ¬†Note that above the nutritional label; a statement reads “Made in a facility that uses milk and soy,” so if you have allergies or avoid milk and soy, the manufacturer has put you on notice.

If you count out nine chips, you’re looking at 80 mg of sodium and 15 g of carbs. ¬†Except for carrot sticks, celery sticks, freshly baked kale chips or fresh fruit, this isn’t too bad. ¬†Oh, and about the nine chips, the bag is small,¬†ration these treats out. ¬†ūüôā


Imagine snacking on the chips with a fresh mango salsa or fresh guacamole dip. ¬†Mmm… yummy!

nutrition quote

If you try the chips, I would love to hear what you think of them. ¬†Thaks for stopping by! ¬†ūüôā



A Burger That Works For Me

Hi! ¬†Yes. ¬†I’m still here. Life is keeping me busy. ¬†While my heart tells me that my blog is neglected, my mind tells me that grad¬†is more important.

Anyways, look what I found!!

veggie burger

Why didn’t someone tell me about these?? ¬†I know all about the “other” Bubba burger, but I stumbled on these in Shoprite.

Now, y’all know that I am not big on processed foods, howeeeeeevvvvvver; in a pinch, the tasty burger works. ¬†It has real identifiable vegetables! I mean, like, you can actually identify some of the contents!! ¬†Imagine that!!

actual burger

The label reads like this:


I will admit, that it has way more ingredients than I’d like in a box, but it still beats a big mac. ¬†Eew!

As for the nutritional part…

burger nutrition

Will I eat this every day? ¬†No. ¬†But it’s not bad. I’m not thrilled about the 300 mg of sodium, but the most I would eat in a sitting is two burgers and this gives me 600 mg of sodium. The product is made in the USA. ¬†Halleluja!! It’s gluten-free and the carton is made from 100% recycled paperboard. ¬†They care about the environment, so maybe they care about the rest of us too. ¬†Lol!

For lunch, I placed two “burgers” to a frying pan, added olive oil, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper and slowly browned them on each side. Instead of placing them between two buns, I ate them solo with a sliced apple.


Two thumbs up for the Veggie Bubba Burger!!  Of course eventually, I will mess around with some of their ingredients and some of my ingredients to create my own.

I hope that you’re enjoying your summer and thanks for stopping by! ūüôā