It has been 12 days and some 16 hours since my last post.  At the start of this project, I committed and swore to myself that not one week would go by without at least one post. Oh well!  While I’m disappointed that I haven’t blogged for more than a few days, I can live with that fact.  Let’s see- job… check…. home… check… family… check… health…. check-   Really, the world hasn’t ended.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. This approach works for me and helps me to maintain my sanity. We all know that life can be quite challenging, so I try really hard to not take life too seriously. Most days I am successful.
     I must say though that, during the past 12 days, not a day passed where I wasn’t trying to figure out how I could squeeze in some time to blog.  But some how between dinner preparations, helping my son with homework, working out, and other wifely duties, I was just too pooped to read or to write. Yikes! I always feel as though I can never get everything done, but I don’t stress over it, because there is always tomorrow. Now, although I didn’t make or have time (depending on how you look at it) to blog, I did make time to intensify my workout routine and I am excited about that. There’s always a trade off and that’s what I try to remind myself. Okay, so I didn’t get one thing done, but I did accomplish something else in its place and that counts; right? Someone please help me on this one…
     I increased my workout intensity with this cool, BodyFit Gel Touch Body Trainer. I bought it at Sports Authority for around $12.  I bought the one for the lower body, but they also sell them for the upper and full body. It’s so cool, you can take it anywhere and it even fits in those larger fashionable handbags. You can use it just about any place, including at work, during your lunch break. You know that the summer will be upon us quickly and we all want to look and feel our best, especially during the hot and sizzly summer months. The body trainer comes with instructions on how to use it. I searched online for it at Sports Authority, but could only find the full body and upper body trainers, so if you want the one that I bought, you’ll have to buy it in the store. Anyway, I love it! It’s great for toning the thighs and buttocks. By the way, if you do try it and isolate the muscles correctly, you will feel the BURN.
     For those of you who have the time to work out at the gym, I am envious. When my son is older, I will return to the gym. However, for now, I am ever so thankful for the home gym that my husband concocted for me. I am also thankful to have had time today to workout, to blog, and to…. Nope! Not cooking tonight, going out again to enjoy AC’s Restaurant week. Enjoy your weekend!

6 thoughts on “>MY SQUEEZE ON TIME!

  1. >Thanks Maureen; I appreciate the feedback. We participated in restaurant week last year too. We LOVE it! It's an excellent opportunity to get out and try new restaurants and… a great excuse to not have to COOK dinner.

  2. >I don't need an excuse not to cook dinner! lol I just can't say it enough, My kids are grown! I told them that it is now a privilege to get a meal around here! I used to cook every night, then everyone started getting picky and was was throwing some stuff out from the fridge a little too often. That's when I decided, everyone in my house has two hands, a license, and money in their wallet, so… they can cook, eat out, or walk around hungry.I love the info on your workout. It inspires me. Right now I should be waling Scarlet, but I need to rest for 30 min before I tackle that hour walk. My body is still sore from teaching dance classes last night. Oh, and my students, the 4 year olds, were off the hook. One bit me. Softly, but still. I told her if she ever put her mouth on me again, I was going to bite her back hard! She was very sweet after that. Jade was there, and she was horrified by my motley dance crew. It was just a rough night. They are usually pretty sweet. Keep those blogs coming!

  3. >You're hilarious! First- I look forward to the day when I don't have to look for an excuse to NOT cook and can say just that… "two hands, a license, money in thier wallet…." At the ripe old age of 7, Tailor is already trying to take over the kitchen and I'm NOT fighting him on it. I have a feeling that my little man is going to have dinner ready for me when I get home from work soon… girl, I CAN'T WAIT… I'm just going to have to teach him how to CLEAN up after himself! Hahahaha!!If you're teaching 4 year olds, you are getting your exercise on. Yikes! One bit you? I can't imagine what you were doing with her, but I'm sure that the threat of being bitten back is enough to back her up. I'm certain that you're inspiring your little dancers more than you realize. Perhaps the bite was an infusion of energy that she didn't know what to do with! (smiling)Thanks!

  4. >This lower body trainer really caught my attention. I went out and bought one and have been adding it to my workout the last couple of weeks. In 2 weeks, I can tell the difference already. I am sooo pleased with the results. I think there are several ways you can use it. If I don't get to use the trainer during the day, I sometimes use it to do some of the exercises while in bed. (I hope that came out right!!) So "good find" Tanya, even though you are probably the last person who needs it!!!

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