>And Just One Day

>Woke up 38 minutes later than I was supposed to
Left for work 17 minutes later than I should have
Arrived at work with a bright smile and one minute to spare
Left work on time
Went to the supermarket to discover tonight’s dinner
Picked up my son from school 52 minutes after school let out (he went to aftercare)
No homework for my son tonight… hallelujah!
Put (actually shoved) groceries in fridge
Changed clothes into something more comfortable
Marinate turkey london broil for the grill tomorrow
Cooked entire meal on the grill (thank God for warmer weather)
While cooking—notice filthy kitchen floor—didn’t look that way this morning
Feed son and mom (hubby not home yet)
Washed dishes
Bathed son & put him to bed
Scrubbed kitchen floor on my hands & knees (I swear!)
Put a load of towels in the washing machine
Boot up computer to complete online class assignments
Wondering what the hell is wrong with me!   Ha! Ha!  Am I normal?
Can’t wait until Friday(tomorrow)… Can’t wait until my vacation begins (13 days)…. very soon!

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