>Thanks Ronny Cedeno!


     I love this story!  I never thought that I would relate to a male professional baseball player, but Ronny Cedeño changed that for me.  The guy actually made me feel normal.  Ha! Ha!  Cedeno, a Pittsburg Pirate baseball player wore the wrong jersey for three innings.  Although he did wear the team’s jersey, the jersey was the Spanish version.

     After further reading the story, it’s unclear as to why Cedeno wore the wrong jersey.  There are speculations that the error may or may not have been his fault.  Regardless, he wore the jersey for three innings before changing into the proper jersey.  Even if a baseball attendant is responsible for the initial error,     Cedeno still wore the jersey without realizing the error.
     On numerous occasions, I’ve caught myself right in the middle of doing an unthinkable and outrageous act such as, taking a pot full of rice and placing in the pot drawer with other empty pots or scooping out a cup full of laundry detergent and pouring it into my dog’s food dish.  Don’t worry, I did catch myself with the laundry detergent before I fed Alex, but got far enough to ask myself what the heck is wrong with me.  Lol!
     I know that I’m not alone in doing freakish stuff around the house or  unconsciously driving from point A to point B and not remember passing a landmark or two. Think about it.  How often have you physically performed one task, while mentally thinking about something else?  That’s that autopilot thing.  I’m sure that there’s a psychological or physiological explanation, but since I tend to simplify things I think at times, I need to slow down.  That said, I’ve slowed down a lot, but there are certainly times when I find myself shifting into high gear and have to say, “whoa Tanya, slow down!” 
     Before the infusion of technology, people, including myself seemed to have more time on their hands to enjoy the simple things in life.  Now- every aspect of my life and countless others is connected to technology.  Look around in stores and count the number of people using a cell phone or listening to an iPod or other electronic device. Microsoft Word has also sorts of templates for “to-do” lists…. it goes on and on.  So, I’m thinking about taking one day each week to escape from the world of technology.  I’m addicted to technology and don’t know if I can’t actually do this, but I’m thinking about…. a day without blogging, a day without Facebook, twitting, emails, texting, online newspapers?   Hmm…. do I dare say no talking on the cell phone?  I have to really think about it…..

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