>Have you ever lied about your age?


Have you ever lied about your age?  The question was recently posted as a writing prompt on WordPress.com. 

No.  I haven’t lied about my age, nor have I felt the need to do so.  For the most part, I’ve always felt comfortable in the space that comes with the age in question.  At age 17,  I was the youngest Front Desk Agent at Harrah’s at Trump Plaza Casino and made no excuses for it.  Naïve, hard working, free spirited, high-strung, risk taking, down right crazy and more; all of it came natural at 17 and I enjoyed every minute of it.  As a youth, I didn’t want to be perceived to be any older than I was.  Um… with one small exception…  and that was when I was underage making a purchase at a liquor store. 

Throughout time, people have always lied or misrepresented their real age.  I’m not posting to cast judgment on their personal choices, but instead to ponder over the question.  As a 45-year-old wife and mother, I am extremely pleased and happy to be in my current space.  Forty-five years of life has licensed and cultured me to become smarter, to become wiser, and to acknowledge the harsh reality that I still don’t know much of anything.  To deny my age is to deny my present state of existence.  I accept who I am now. 

I know that some celebrity’s lie about their age as a means to maintain the perception of youth.  A youthful appearance may prolong a career.  Of course, there’s much to be said about the double standard set for women and men in Hollywood, but I’ll reserve that discussion for another day.

At work, some of the high school students are astonished to learn my age.  I don’t hide it; it’s not taboo for me to state my age, so I tell the truth.  Then I laugh at their response when I ask, “What does a 45 year-old woman suppose to look like?”   They stumble over their words trying to explain that age 45 is old.  Lol!!  It’s hilarious!  But truthfully, as a teen, I too thought that age 45 was old.  Thanks to my parents, I’ve been blessed with a decent set of genes, but quite honestly, I don’t think that I look any better than the average middle-aged mom. Furthermore, I’ve seen other beautiful and drop-dead gorgeous moms out there who make me double take.  I definitely acknowledge that making a conscience effort to take care of myself and to avoid unnecessary drama has helped me to mentally and physically stay in shape.

Regardless of the physical attributes that come with being forty something, what I love most about my current age and cycle is the confidence, the insight, and the tranquil nature that has come about.  I hope and pray that I continue to age healthy and gracefully and promise myself to always be honest with myself and others about my age.

Have you lied about your age?  Why or why not?

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