Ok folks. Oops! That last post was meant to be on my other blog and was meant for students at Atlantic City High School. Lol! I am officially on spring break, but am always looking to help my students. Lucky for them, I am always turned on when it comes to job opportunities.

The post is from my iPhone without my reading glasses and in a laundry mat. Please excuse any typos. Hubby and I just left the gym, where we took an intense spinning class. I am stinky and dripping wet from sweat, but I want to get my sheets & towels washed for the weekend.

Our washing machine is out of of commission. I am NOT happy. It was supposed to be repaired earlier in the week, but the first technician goofed and we are now waiting for another part. Grrr!!!! My situation could be worse, so I’m smiling too.

Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. My washing machine was not working a couple weeks ago. It took a week for the part to come in. Remember I mentioned this in a fictional blog of mine–that part of it was true. lol There was a nickle in the pump. The nickle made a hole in it. Hey, the bright side is that you do not have to do laundry for awhile. Hire a service that will pick your clothes up, wash and fold them, and then drop them back off. then you’ll never have to wash clothes again ; )

    • Now that is a great idea and would certainly free up my time. I would have never considered this option before, but I am at a point now where I definitely need help. I am extremely picky about my laundry though Will I find someone who is going to treat my laundry with TLC? Hmmm? How did you find the company that you use? I will check around in my area. Thanks.

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