Don’t Quit!

At 2:40 in the afternoon, I was ready to leave work and head to the gym. One problem..

No car!  😦

For Christmas, hubby gave me a new radio (which is awesome) and a remote car starter.   My old car radio was dying and I refuse to buy a new car.

With 127,000+ miles on my car, she still has life.  I am not into profiling in a new expensive and flashy car and would rather drive my ’06 plain Jane vehicle until she konks out on the road side.

The day after Christmas, the radio was installed and on this day, the starter was supposed to be installed. Welp, it didn’t happen.  Boohoo!  I was without my car and our family schedule just didn’t able me to get to the gym.

Instead I worked out in our little home gym. Was it the workout I wanted?  No and not even close to what I planned, but I did what I had to do.

If you’re starting an exercise program for the New Year, stay flexible and adapt to whatever changes you need to do.  Just as long as you continue to move and make smarter food choices, you will reach your goal.


Make it a great day!  🙂

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