Christmas: A State of Mind

With only 5 days left until Christmas, I have only picked up a handful of gifts. Quite honestly I am struggling with the ridiculousness and madness of the so called traditions of the holiday season.  Traditions of…

…fighting over parking spaces

…arguing over the last hottest and must have item

…pulling plastic out the wallet when the green runs out

…folks getting upset with the Pollyanna’s because they hate their gift

…Frantically shopping and thoughtless purchases on Christmas Eve

Retailers scheme and plot on how to manipulate every dollar out of unsuspecting and over-zealous consumers.

About a week ago, I walked into TJ Maxx. I was surprised to see more shelving displays of crap in the center of the store replacing clothing racks.  Off to the side were five huge racks of sweaters!! I thought to myself, Lord, please let me not get an ugly sweater as a Christmas gift,  “I just can’t.” Lol!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I am truly grateful for gifts, but I am so over getting unwanted gifts. You know stuff that I won’t wear, I won’t’ use, or won’t’ put on display in my home.  It is the thought that counts right?  I guess so.

I am more about connecting with family and friends.  You know, catching up on what everyone is doing.  Playing games, eatting that favorite dish that only comes around once a year, watching football, taking fun pics, and more.  Oh the fun! :0)

Several times this month, I’ve been asked what do I want for Christmas.  Don’t buy me anything.  All I Want For Christmas is…


To witness more kindness.

Quality time with those who matter most.

Joy and laughter for all.

More forgiveness.

The spirit of giving year-around.


Better health for all.

Be blessed and enjoy the weekend.

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