>Our New Addition To The Family: Alex!


Meet Alex!  Alex is the newest member of our family.  It was only a few months ago that I was going through some serious doggy drama in my home.   Hubby wanted a pooch right away, but I wanted to wait until the summer.   Needless to say, the drama is over (I hope).  Since early June, we (hubby and I), have searched around for the right puppy for our home. 
Initially, hubby  wanted a French Bull Dog-  I wanted a smaller dog such as a Yorkie.   My close friend Michelle, aka Shit Zu Advocate, urged us to consider a Shit Zu.   We are so glad that we listened to her; Alex is a Shit Zu and is well suited for our family.
Alex is 12 weeks old.  We like to think that he picked us as parents not the contrary.  After
returning to his Breeder for a second look, Alex’s three other siblings continued to play off to the side.  But Alex came and sat right at the gate looking at us, as if he was trying to say, “pick me!”  Oh yes!  He was the right one. He has a great disposition; calm, playful, friendly, and for a puppy listens well.
So we’re working hard at house training him, and he’s doing okay.  We decided to crate train him versus using the puppy pads. We’d rather train him to go directly outside instead of progressively doing it.  Already he’s walking on a leash and “finding his spot” in the back yard.  Hubby has already warmed up to the fact that a dog will be relieving himself on his lawn.  OMG!  At first, hubby was a little stingy with designating a spot for Alex, but quickly realized that “a designated spot” would be more convenient than walking him outside on those cold and nasty winter mornings.
My friend Michelle stresses the importance of “socializing” Alex, so he pretty much goes everywhere  that we go and is adjusting well.  He’s learning how to meet people inside and outside of our home. There’s still much to do and much to learn, but we’ll continue to slowly move forward. My husband read, How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond by Cesar Millan, from the Dog Whisper  He found this book to be full of helpful tips. Our neighbor recommended the book.  If  you’re considering a puppy, this is a must read.  See the book below.
How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond
Our son LOVES playing with Alex and some days he’s reluctant to attend camp.  Everyday our son is eager to help us to walk, to feed, and to brush Alex.  It will be interesting to see IF the novelty of a new dog wears off or not. 
Although all is going well, the real test will occur when I return to work, but we’re already working on a strategy to determine the best system that will work for us.  We’ve already had some bumps and bruises, but understand that raising a puppy is a lot like raising children.  We’ll need plenty of patience, diligence, flexibility, and good humor.  I realize that having a dog will require more frequent house cleaning such as vacuming,  mopping, and dusting; I’m seriously considering hiring a cleaning person to help in this area, because I’m the only one engaged in this activity.   Our household budget will change due to shots, dog food, grooming, and a cleaning person.  When planning a vacation, we’ll have to consider who will care for Alex. So there’s definitely a lot to consider when taking on a pet.
While in the store the other day, Alex had an accident.  I politely stopped a store associate and she quickly told me that I could “clean it up.”  I was taken back a bit, because she assumed that I knew the store policy, but I did not.  I quickly learned proper protocol.  LOL!
To help us along with our journey with Alex, we welcome any tips or suggestions that you have.   PLEASE– send then our way and I will continue to update you on Alex’s progress.

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