>It’s Been a Minute

>There is no where enough time to say all that I want to say, but I’m pressed to post something on this page.  It’s been way too long and I don’t want anyone to think that I’ve abandoned the site.  No Way!

Since the last post, I’ve taken a wonderful Western Caribbean cruise with my husband and our son.  Thankfully we were not subjected to the horror of those who were recently stuck in Mexico on the Carnival ship.  Anyway our trip was amazing and to experience the trip through the eyes of an eight year old was fascinating!  Later I will post on the trip and say why parents should vacation with their kids.

Since the last post Alex has had several medical procedures and once again, genders have different perspectives about something.  Alex is “family” to me.  He is a “pet” to hubby.  What’s the difference?  I say that due to Alex medical procedures, he should receive lots of tender loving care.  Since he cannot get comfortable in his crate, I think he should be upstairs in our bedroom- he’s quite and is nearly housebroken. Hubby— well– Alex is a pet and he’s not 100% housebroken, so he belongs down stair….PERIOD!   Who was it that insisted on a dog?  Lol!  just looking back.

The holidays are quickly approaching and I have some thoughts about the subject– again… that’s to be discussed later.

To solve my inability to write when I feel the urge, I’m researching net books. I plan to live with mine.   If anyone reading this has a net book, I’d love to hear about what you like or dislike about yours.  Please share. 

It’s past my bedtime now, so I will chat with you again soon.

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