>My Family My Love


Your family and your love must be cultivated like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship flourishing and growing.
                                              – Jim Rohn

One week ago Sunday our family returned from an amazing vacation. Although we booked the trip a year ago, the timing could not have been better.  Our son just completed his second year of taxi football, the first marking period was nearly over, and he only missed three days of school.

This trip would be our son’s first airplane ride and his first cruise.  We kept it a secret from him, which made the weeks and days leading to the vacation very difficult for me.  The anticipation of his reaction pumped my heart like I was running on the treadmill. He’s full of energy, extremely animated, and like me he loves surprises!

He didn’t realize that we were boarding the plane until the final moment.  You wouldn’t have known that it was six in the morning.  “Mom! Dad!  I can’t believe we’re on an airplane!”  “We’re flying!”   Eyes popping and blinking erratically, he commented that it was too dark outside and that he couldn’t see the clouds.  The passengers around us couldn’t help but laugh and share in his enthusiasm.  

Both hubby and I couldn’t’ have been any happier! Every child and parent should experience moments like this; they’re priceless.

Three hours later, we approached the ship.  I think he stopped breathing when he saw the monstrous ship.  At each stopping point, our son chatted with the staff.  He had words for the cab driver, the skycap, immigration, and anyone else that make eye contact with him.

Hurricane Tomas forced a change to our itinerary.  We were supposed to go to Labadee, Haiti, Costa Maya, Mexico and Cozumel, Mexico.  Instead we still visited Costa Maya and Cozumel, but spent two days at sea and finally visited Nassau, Bahamas.

The changes didn’t adversely affect our trip.  Our son enjoyed snorkeling, made several new friends, participated in a talent show, marched in a Halloween parade and most importantly, had mom and dad all to himself.  No phones, no facebook, no computers, just mom and dad!  He enjoyed every minute and so did we! 

The trip was certainly about cultivation.   With no time constraints, homework, football practice or telephone distractions, I felt so much more at ease.  We laughed more during dinner, took in the beautiful sights and sounds of the Caribbean ocean and enjoyed the pleasantries of sleeping late every day. 

Our son has already told us that he’s ready for the next trip!  To make the next trip complete and to keep our family relationship flourishing and growing, we’re hoping that our daughter join us. 

The destination of our next trip isn’t as important as making the effort and taking the time to plan quality time with my family.   I can’t wait until the next trip!  Ideas anyone?

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