>Enjoying a Post Holiday Exhale


Right now I can appreciate an invigorating yoga inhale and   exhale…    The holidays are over!!  While I thoroughly enjoy the traditions and festivities of the holiday season, I can honestly say that I’m glad that the season of hustle and bustle has ended.

The post holiday pace is refreshing.  Almost everything and everyone moves slower-   You know- like the instant replay shown in slow motion at the end of a nail biting horse race or football game?  Yeah; that feeling!

I am committed in 2011 to work diligently to stay present in each moment. There are so many instances when I’m physically engaged in one activity while mentally engaged in another.  I can think of moments when I’m in the shower with pulsating hot water gushing out of the body sprays on my pressure points.  And rather then really indulging in the moment, my mind is elsewhere.  That’s ridiculous!  I ought to be appreciating and luxuriating in the moment; instead I’m thinking about house cleaning, laundry, or some other trivial task.  I’ve walked the dog out back near the tree line in broad daylight, yet missed many of the colorful details of the trees. Someone could have been standing in the middle of the trees and I wouldn’t have even noticed them looking at me.  I’m not doing this anymore.

PITM….that’s my new motto.  Present in the moment.  I am going to keep reminding myself to stay present until the behavior becomes a new and positive habit for 2011!

Best wishes to you for a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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