>The Challenge: Complete The To-Do List…Today!


After picking my son up from school yesterday, I routinely checked his folder.  There was a note from the school nurse.  During school he complained of a sore throat and had a temperature reading of 99.3.  The nurse’s instructions were, “please keep student home tomorrow.”

So, as I sit here Wednesday morning realizing that I did not hit the mega million jackpot for 300 and some million dollars, that I should use this weekday to be productive.   And- productive I shall be!   It would be so easy to curl up in bed and do nothing all day, but with my 2011 goals and resolutions waiting to be activated, I’m up, dressed and ready to go.

My to-do list that I created this morning already has one and half fewer items on it.  I bathed the dog because he stunk! His bed is in the washer.  When I complete this post, another item will be checked off this list.

I know that I can finish this to do list if I focus really hard and don’t get distracted.  Ha! Ha! At times, I distract easily.  Take my phone for example.  It just chimed.  Meaning I just received an email, text or facebook message.  Do I dare check it?  Hmm… maybe- maybe not.  That’s a time zapper for certain.   But I can’t resist checking it.  Lol!!  Maybe I should add “stay off facebook” today to the list.  Now that I think about it, I should also add, “don’t watch The View” and “resist the urge to tune into the OWN Network today” 

Oh man!  This is going to be much harder than I thought.   But I’m going to try. Wish me luck—I’m going to need it!

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