>Mixing up the mundane


Every now and then I feel a little caged and desperately need to do something different. You know, break away from the routine and do something outside of the norm.  So, last weekend I decided to forgo my mundane weekend routine and invest in a little me time.
A Martini & Minx Nail party at Kinhairitage Salon on Friday evening kicked off my weekend.  Typically Friday nights are reserved for laundry and, while I did toss a few loads in the washer and dryer, I didn’t finish, nor did I care.  This momma was guilt free.
At the party the conversation was positive, light, and engaging.  My nails were done up really cool and the martinis were right on time and much needed.  Did I say needed?  Lol!  You know how it goes.
I couldn’t wait for Saturday night to come- just hubby and I were going out on a date to see Janet Jackson.  That’s right- my girl Janet!  Janet and I go way back to Penny on Good Times.  I love her music but have never seen her in concert.  Anyway, while finishing up laundry and Sunday’s dinner, I rocked to the beat of my favorite Janet songs. Before I knew it, concert time had arrived.
The crowd was energized and it was refreshing to see such a diverse audience.  Young, old, gay, straight, Black, White, Asian, Latino, and more, all feeding off of the same energy.
My girl did not disappoint me! I sang and danced the entire show. I just want to know how the heck can you attend a Janet Jackson concert and remain seated?  What? Are you kidding me?  Okay, if you have a physical condition, I understand, but for everybody else, get your butt up and move!  It’s emotional! Come on people! I screamed her name and even became teary eyed when she performed with a backdrop video of her and her brother Michael. 
I was lucky enough to get a t-shirt, which I wore the entire concert.  I won’t be wearing it or washing it very often because it was overpriced, but worth it. 
Sunday was awesome too!  My cousin and I got up early and drove two hours to a Black Hair Care Expo in Baltimore, Maryland.  All I can say is TREATS!!  At one point, my cousin asked me if I had a budget.  I was like, budget?  For this?  Hmm… Lol!   Below are a few pictures of some of my purchases. 
I didn’t expect to find so many beautiful and exotic hand crafted jewelry and clothes.  The merchandise was very affordable, which made it very easy to blow a hundred or more.
This was my first Black Hair Expo. I found it to be informative and educational; I will definitely attend again. I leaned about it through my natural hair stylist, ShidaNatural.  Thanks Rashida, sorry I missed you, but I won’t next time.
The weekend wore me out, but didn’t feel as short as it usually does.  Could I do this every weekend?  Heck no!  I certainly paid for the running around and partying, but every now and then it’s good to mix things up a little.  I had a blast!

4 thoughts on “>Mixing up the mundane

  1. >That was great! I need to have a weekend like that soon!1!!! Why did yueven have to mention, MJ, though. I would have gotten more than just teary-eyed. Just the mention of his name still makes my heart sink back a little. Remember, I cried for nine days after he died! Yup, no exaggeration. Anyway, keep writing your blogs. Btw I haven't purchased that test yet–been working all day. lol

  2. >Wow, what a weekend! Us moms and working women need more weekends like this every now and again. I'm so mad that I had to pass on Friday night's Martinis, Minx, & More Party, but I had to get on the road and head to Baltimore so I would be fresh Saturday morning. I did EXTREMELY well selling my products on Saturday, then I did stay another night to take advantage of some good buys myself on Sunday. I left some time after 1:00 PM. I'm sorry we missed each other. I had to get out of there before I spent any more money. Yes, it was quite easy to spend $100 or more, which I did in about 10 minutes, and only at 2 tables… lol. Glad you had a great weekend Tanya!… Hope you were able to recoup from it all.

  3. >Hi Rashida! I had a great weekend and yes, us working women MUST do more for ourselves and more often. I was hoping to see you on Friday, but I figured that you went up to prep for Saturday. The party was fun!I am so glad that you did well on Saturday. Congratulations!! I LOVE your hair care product line; it is doing wonders for my hair! Although I haven't been in the shop lately, I'm religiously using your moisturizing cream detangler, the define & hold curl cream gel, the scalp & hair oil, and my hair is loving it; it's growing like wild weeds. Lol! I will definitely see you in April. Btw, I recovered nicely. I cannot believe that we missed each other; we were there at the same time. That's funny! You were probably walking down one aisle and my cousin and I were probably walking down the other.

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