>Cheers! A time to celebrate


Last night I realized that January 20, 2011, marked the one-year anniversary of Lexa’s Journal!   The day passed without any acknowledgment on my part.  No cake, confetti, glass of wine, or celebration.  It’s an important milestone for me, yet I didn’t mark the date on my calendar or subconsciously remember it. It took me 82 days to remember…   Why?  I have no idea.  I even checked to see if I posted on January 20th this year, but I didn’t.  I saw an incomplete draft about New Year resolutions, but it remains unedited and unpublished.  
Although I’m not yet disciplined enough to post daily, posting has developed into a healthy habit.  When I don’t post often enough (for me), this nagging voice in my head  reminds me that the task needs to be moved up on my priority list.
The reality is that I am just not the kind of person who remembers milestones.  Sure, I remember my family member’s birthdays.  I will always remember my wedding anniversary, June 4, 1988.  But, I can’t construct the date we met, the date we officially started dating, or the exact date of my father’s death in November of 1982.   Others can recall these dates really well.  Congratulations all!  Perhaps I just don’t remember that I’m suppose to remember these dates. 
The anniversary of my blog is about a personal sense of accomplishment. Although maintaining Lexa’s Journal for the first year was challenging, I stuck with it—typos and all.  Like anything else, I will learn from my mistakes but continue to work hard at developing my craft.  Blogging and writing is an activity that I earnestly enjoy.  I encourage all, particularly women; single, married, widowed, with children, and divorced to explore your personal interests. 
Don’t let your interests, dreams and aspirations fall victim to your responsibilities and obligations to your family or to your career. Try to keep Nike’s motto in mind…. “Just do it!”  

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