>Being unconventional can lead to success


Buck the system. Go nontraditional. Be unconventional. Celebrate being eccentric. Be yourself. Do you with confidence and with flair.

I’ve always condoned the traditional in much of everything that I’ve done. I know- as I’m told, tradition has its place. Not to sound clichéish, but my kids have always been encouraged to leave their own footprints in the sand and avoid following in anyone else’s footsteps.

With those thoughts in mind, last night I celebrated the Philadelphia Eagles, 23rd NFL Draft pick, Danny Watkins!

Sidebar- I don’t follow college football. I do watch professional football and can only name a handful of football players. On a good day, I can name nearly ten professional football teams. I can’t tell you jack about the stats on ANY player.

I’m sure that by the time this posts, there will be hundreds, if not thousands of posts on the good and the bad of the Philadelphia Eagles Draft pick.

That said it’s not the stats that’s sent me into a tizzy, it is the fact that this 26 year old didn’t play football in high school. And get this! He’s a part-time firefighter! I love it!

Wait! Those who know me will say that I’m excited and am partial because my hubby’s career is in fire suppression, but I assure you that one has nothing to do with the other.

The fact of the matter is this:

  • In spite of Watkins missing out on Taxi, Pee Wee, JV, and Varsity football, the guy was drafted to play NFL Football.
  • In high school, he played rugby and hockey and probably enjoyed every minute of it.
  • At 6’4”  312 pounds, he was probably a decent size athlete who was encouraged to play the all American game of football, but chose another sport.
  •  After high school, he attended college and majored in general studies. Perhaps he was uncertain about his career path. I’m sure that as the days pass, we’ll learn  more about Watkins.

From what I’ve read, he didn’t play football until 2007 and four years later, he’s drafted by a national football team. Amazing!

So what’s my point?

Watkins, like many child athletes, probably didn’t stand out as the “star athlete” destined for professional ball, yet he’s catapulted to the forefront. Ahead of other athletes who no doubt feel as though they’ve “done their time,” or “shown their commitment” to the sport and deserve to be there over Watkins. Regardless, he chose a different path from many others, yet ended up at the same destination.

I’m convinced that the same holds true for every other kid or adult in the world. Regardless of the individual appearing to be an average Jane or John, each of us has much to contribute to society. We shouldn’t judge or count others out because their credentials are less esteemed than the next guy.  We should simply respect others and  focus our positive energies on our own indvidual path and destination.

Congratulations Danny Watkins!

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