>What was the unhealthiest meal that you’ve ever eaten?

>Amazed!   At what?  My response to the latest writing prompt.   http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2011/04/29/describe-unhealthy-meal/

“What was the unhealthiest meal you’ve ever eaten?”

Growing up my mother fed me hearty and well balanced meals.  Fruits and vegetables were plentiful.  Every summer we gardened and harvested a beautifully large crop of corn, okra, green peppers, hot peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, and collards.  I wasn’t allowed to eat much candy and don’t recall eating fast food until nearly high school age.

Remembering the unhealthiest meal that I’ve ever eaten, really stirred me up. The meal was at McDonald’s and became a weekend ritual somewhere around the age of 15.  I’m repulsed and down right disgusted at the amount of garbage that I put into my body.  I was a member of the Oakcrest High School Marching Ambassadors.  We participated in competitions all over and traveled on the weekends.  That’s when I got the opportunity to eat at fast food restaurants.  My mother wouldn’t dare feed me McDonald’s.

I ate two Big Mac sandwiches, two large fries, an apple pie, and a large orange soda.  Now that may now sound like much, but for a nearly 5’9, 120 pound teenage girl, that just doesn’t sound normal to me. My cousin Curtis and I collected the McDonald’s calendars that had the buy one get one free coupon at the bottom of each month.  We lived for those coupons.

I was curious and had to get the nutritional facts on what I ate.  Below is the data:
Big Mac’s (2)

            563 Calories each

            33g  fat each
            1007g Sodium each

Large Fries (2)

            487 Calories each

            25g  Total fat each
            350g Sodium each

Apple Pie (1)
            260 Calories

            15g Fat
            200g. Sodium

Orange Soda (1 large)
            124 Calories

            20g  Sodium
            33g Sugar
2,484 Total Calories!!!

131g Total Fat!!!

2,934 Total Sodium!!

Honestly, I want to take a laxative and a 15 mile run just thinking about the calories, fat and sodium that I consumed.  Stunned and astonished! 

Fast forward to 30+ years later-  I stopped eating red meat in 1994 and I don’t eat pork.  I eat turkey, chicken, and seafood. My occasional indulgence from McDonald’s is a small order of fries and that’s a rarity.  These days, I love my fruits, fresh vegetables, and other healthier food choices.  I religiously read nutritional labels before I buy or eat mostly everything. 

Personally, I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of anything.  I cherish my body more than I did then before.  I eat now to fuel my body with the proper nutrients so that my body and mind can perform at its best.  I’ve tried to teach my children the importance of eating well, but they too may go through a similar stage.

My 22 year old was a bit deprived of candy, but she did enjoy the pleasures of happy meals.  I’ve relaxed  even more with my 8 year old.  He gets more candy and about the same amount of fast food as his sister did, but more  junk food than she ever did.  I hope that by not depriving them of the fun stuff that they won’t over indulge like I did.  Perhaps we’ve all had our stages as teens or adults.  Maybe.  Maybe not.
What was the unhealthiest meal you’ve ever eaten?  Oh, please share!

2 thoughts on “>What was the unhealthiest meal that you’ve ever eaten?

  1. >Hi Tanya!I found your blog through Marya at Blog Therapy. As far as unhealthy meals go – oh, there have been many over the years! ;-)But in my twenties I became a vegetarian and was super-conscious about what I ate. I was in the best shape of my life. Fast-forward 15 years later after 2 kids and a return to eating meat, let's just say that my way of eating could use some improvement! LOL. I do have to say, though, that I'm proud of making my daughters aware of healthy eating habits and I only keep nutritious snacks (such as fruit, nuts, whole-grain breads, crackers and cheeses) in the house for them. The problem is the junky stuff I tend to eat myself after they go to bed! I'm working on changing my ways though. It's a work in progress.

  2. >Hi Tisha,Wow! A vegetarian at 20; that's impressive. As you can see, when I was younger, I did not pay attention to what I put in my body. Thankfully, I came around.Back to eating meat isn't bad- you just have to keep the "in moderation" rule in mind. :0) Your 2 kids are lucky to have a mom that is teaching them good eating habits. I completely understand the desire to eat late night snacks. To keep me from doing that, I retreat to my bedroom (upstairs) and set the burgler alarm. Then I brush my teeth. This usually prevents from giving in to late nate cravings. Lol!Thanks for visiting Lexa's Journal

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