>Today’s idea of balance




a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution ofweight, amount, etc.

something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise.

mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calmbehavior, judgment, etc.

At this moment, per me, I should be washing the dishes, cleaning up the kitchen, and filling my coffee pot with coffee beans for tomorrow morning’s early rise

Hubby has taken our son to an activity.  This is my hour or so of mommy me time.  Yeah right!  Me time!   Lol!  I’m sitting in my study laughing my ass off.  Why?  Because there is no way that I can fit anything that I really want to right now into this little window of an opportunity.

So I’m here to just say, I’m still here!   I am promising myself that I will make a fierce return and say everything, well- well almost everything that I intended to say over the past two weeks.

I hear noises.  Alex!  That’s my puppy.  I’m really not alone after all.  I must go, he’s chewing the baseboard in the kitchen again.  I’ll be back!


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