Biking was cool!

 2,031 is the number of calories that I burned while riding my bike yesterday.  How cool is that!! Who knew?  I certainly didn’t realize that I could burn that many calories by riding a bike. It’s probably one of the best kept secrets amongst serious cyclists.

While my foot is still resting, I realize that too many more days of reading, writing, and floating in the pool,  consuming endless calories (beer & frozen margaritas) can’t be good for my body, I’m forced to try something different.

I hopped on my bike and took off.  Bobbing my head and singing along to my favorite tunes, I really got into the ride.   About half way through my 21 mile ride, I started thinking about buying a helmet and a better bike.  Oh yeah, and a seat too.  Other than my hamstrings and quadriceps vastly burning, my rear end was the only other body part feeling discomfort.  Yup. I think I can work cycling into my running routine.

As I previously commented, if I hadn’t been injured, I would not have tried the bike, so  I’m glad that I gave it a chance.  Though, I’m certain that when I roll out of bed, I’m going to really feel it (soreness).  Probably even more so, because after I got off the bike, I  stretched then moved on to do lunges in the backyard.  I can get crazy like that!  Once warmed up, I don’t want to stop.  Definitely a self-proclaimed exercise addict.

So I am committing to trying to add new activities to my exercise routine.  I have the nerve to call it a “routine” when mostly all I do is run.  It’s not like I don’t know that I need to switch up, it’s just that I get such a high from running.  Runners are addicted to the endorphin rush.

Anyway today I’ll probably ride again— I have to see if I can improve yesterdays time.  Lol!  Then maybe the next day, I’ll use the elipitcal machine…    Not sure yet!

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