Remote control madness

Ladies and maybe a few guys!!  Is it me or has the era of remote controls gone crazy?

Until recently I had the remote control situation in one room of the house under control.  Whenever I decided to watch my favorite show or just jam to my favorite music while house cleaning, I knew exactly which buttons to press.  Well, those days are gone.  Hubby pulled a fast one on me and now I don’t know what the hell I’m doing!! 

He replaced the old receiver that was working perfectly fine with a “new” and “improved” tech device.  Now, several remotes later, I’m trying to resist the urge to flip that crap right out of the window and into the backyard pool.

OMG!!  No really!  I can’t get basic televison, music, indoors or outdoors, CD’s, DVD’s, or even get my iPod to play!!   Hubby keeps saying, “Oh, it’s easy!  Just press this button, then that button, then….”   Yeah okay, wink-wink- I got it!  Yeah right!   Until he gets a universal remote, I’m stuck like a fish out of water.  For the fellas or other remote control gurus who are reading this, go ahead and get your laugh on.

I’ve tried to learn this system and have sat attentively and patiently watching as he shows me step by step.  “Here you try.”  So I try, and he politely corrects and guides me through my missteps.  “There, see you’ve got it!”  “Maybe,” I try to convince myself.  

The moment he steps out of the house, I psyche myself up into thinking that I can get the system up and running.  NOT!!  Not even close!  I only get all kinds of stupid and odd sounds!  I hear beeps, whistles, and alarms going off, but not one darn picture on the TV or acceptable audible sound.   Now, I’m pissed off because I can’t get what I want and feel myself diverting back to a childhood tantrum.

I end up throwing the multiple remote control devices on the sofa and decide not to clean the house because it won’t be any fun without music or TV as background noise.  All kidding aside, I’m certain that the house has been cleaned less since the new receiver arrived.  No music, no cleaning.   Cleaning the house with upbeat music makes it so much more fun.  I get to dance, exercise and clean house all at once.  Perhaps when the floors get dirty enough, he’ll buy the universal remote!  I’m only kidding!

Out of curiosity, I asked hubby how much does a universal remote cost.  You know, I’m thinking I’m going to help him and help me out at the same time.  You know, surprise him with a remote right?  Wrong!  Them jokers or “the good ones,”  according to him, cost in the range of $500 – $800!  Are you kidding me?  Does it freakin vacum floors too?    Anyone who knows him knows that he has very specific needs when it comes to his TV’s and home theater systems and there’s no deviating from his needs.

My plan of attack is to write Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus and ask that the universal remote be placed on hubby’s Christmas list. I’m also going to send Santa coupons and the eBay’s website link; at least I’m trying to help.   If Santa delivers than my problem will be solved. 

Meanwhile, my back up plan is to continue to watch the 13 inch TV in the kitchen and to plug my iPod into my portable Bose system.  I’m also going to try writing the instructions on index cards; if this helps, I’ll let you know.   

I feel better now; venting helps!

2 thoughts on “Remote control madness

  1. lol…This is funny! When I was home that weekend with Tailor…I experienced the same thing! Frustrating, because I could of SWORN I was doing everything he told me to! (but it just didn’t work)…”You have to turn on this box BEFORE this one and make sure this remote is in the such a such mode BEFORE you use the other one….” Hahahaha!

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