A dessert that’s better than cake!

Don’t knock it until you try it! As I sit and compose this, I’m over indulging in tonight’s dessert! I’m eating a colorful, delicious, and delightful bowl of fruit. A blend of fresh strawberries, black seedless grapes, blue berries, and a side of unsalted cashew splits.

Some of my colleagues, friends, and family will probably cringe at this post, but I’m encouraging them and you to give it a try. It’s tastier than you think.

Fresh fruit, green leafy vegetables, and other natural foods, I’ve always enjoyed. And like any normal human species, I’m guilty of over indulging in processed foods as well. But I’m happy to report that I’m back on track. After all,

there are only 197 days until the official start of summer!

Of course, looking good in my swimsuit isn’t my only motivation to eat well. The real motivation is for an overall better quality of life. Mom snaps at me all the time, “You can’t live forever Tanya!” Lol! I know that! I simply enjoy looking well, feeling well, and having the energy to dance all night if I choose to.

It is also important for me to set a good example for my children. One has caught on already (the nine-year old), the other (22-year-old) is playing catch up, but I know that she will eventually get there.

In a earlier post, I mentioned, Eat Clean. This is one of the BEST books that I’ve read on how to keep up a healthy diet. If you’re trying to get back on track, Eat Clean by Tosca Reno is a practical must read.

So although it may be too late to switch up for tonight’s sweet treat, give it a try tomorrow.  You just might like it.

6 thoughts on “A dessert that’s better than cake!

  1. You know, when I am on fb or the internet and see pictures of cakes and pies, I run out to the Amish market and purchase a pumpkin pie and a loaf of banana nut bread. I am so easily influenced by pictures of food. I guess you can just say I am greedy lol Anyway, thank you for this post because as soon as I get off of here, I am going to slice up some bananas, apples, oranges, and strawberries and start my lexa diet! : )

    • OMG! That Amish market is deadly! My weakness is the freshly baked peach bread, so I avoid it! On special occasions I will have a slice, but I refuse to bring a loaf of that bread home. The bowl of berries was satisfying. I buy my black grapes from Sam’s & they are almost always super sweet. You can also freeze them as an added bonus. This should satisfy your sweet tooth. Yummy!

    • Hi Pathrica,
      Thank you; I appreciate the feedback. I switched my theme a few times, but finally decided on this theme for similar reasons. I apolgoize for the delayed response. Today I found several messages that were treated as spam, so I’m responding to those comments now. Thanks for visiting my blog; I will check out toys for toddlers. Happy holiday!

    • Marissa- I completly understand, but as you know, the book is great and offers realistic and helpful ideas. It’s the best of its kind that I’ve read to date. Sorry for the delay in responding to your message- For some reason, your message was treated as span and I just realized it today. :0(
      Happy holiday!

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